Bright Idea: replacing strobic air fans with a fanwall system

June 4, 2015

Thanks to a bright idea, we are looking into replacing strobic air fan systems with a fanwall system. Maintaining and repairing strobic fans prove to be quite costly and require additional equipment rental such as a 150-ton crane for approximately $12,000/day. Not only does it affect Building Operations’ budget, but it can be costly to our customers, too, because it requires shutting down part of the building and blocking off roads to accommodate the crane.

Benefits to utilizing multiple-fan arrays are:

  • low frequency sound reduction for quieter operation without expensive sound traps or vibration isolation
  • smaller motors and air wheels which are easier to maintain and retro-fit
  • higher efficiency fan wheel means energy savings
  • better utilization of filter and coil surface areas.

Aside from these benefits, Building Operations can have a potential cost savings of about $20,000 per unit in repairs and maintenance.

Thank you Mark Donald-Jones for the bright idea. Another bright idea for a better UBC.