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Facilities Managers can help with complex issues

If you need help with a complex issue or you’re not sure how to get something done in your building, we are here to help. Our Facilities Managers can assist you with building-related problems and connect you to the wide range of services provided by Facilities. If you need help identifying your zone, use our search feature at the top of this page.

Orange Zone Facilities Manager

Orange zone

James Bellavance
Phone: 604.822.4116
Email: james.bellavance@ubc.ca

Green Zone Facilities Manager

Green zone

Jeff Smith
Phone: 604.822.3425
Email: jeff.smith@ubc.ca

Red Zone Facilities Manager

Red zone

Jenny Black
Phone: 604.822.0077
Email: jenny.black@ubc.ca

Teal Zone Facilities Manager

Teal zone

Jeetender Amritsar
Phone: 604.790.0742
Email: jeetender.amritsar@ubc.ca

Yellow Zone Facilities Manager

Yellow zone

Patrick Wong
Phone: 604.822.1940
Email: patrick.wong@ubc.ca

Brown Zone Facilities Manager

Brown zone

Francois Desmarais
Phone: 604.822.0068
Email: francois.desmarais@ubc.ca

Blue Zone Facilities Manager

Blue zone

Steve Carey
Phone: 604.822.4365
Email: steve.carey@ubc.ca

Grey zone

Phone: 604.822.2173
Email: Facilities Service Centre


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