April 23, 2015

Top stories

Students move out April 30, watch for students

April 30 is move out day for student residences and vehicles parked by residences can impact your operation:

  • Parking and Access Control Services will have traffic control persons on the west side of Lower Mall in front of Marine Drive Building 5. This will be the designated loading area. Lower Mall will remain open in both directions.
  • Lower Research Mall between Lower Mall and SW Marine Drive will have one-way traffic heading west to help with the traffic flow from Marine Drive Building 6.
  • Move-out is from 8 am- 4 pm and expected to peak from 11 am to noon.

Check out the Marine Drive Residence Traffic Plan and plan your routes accordingly.

Labour Crews merging to USB May 4th 2015

You may have heard about the coming Hard Landscape and Moving Crew merger for some time. Municipal Services is now ready to reorganize and the countdown is on…we’re only a few weeks away from the move on May 4th. Stay tuned to know more on the new work group, their location, and how to contact them.

Help us show our best in Marketing & Communications new campus-wide photoshoot

Marketing & Communications is building a library of UBC images for use across UBC in all sorts of internal and external media. They have specifically asked for our participation to capture custodial, municipal, and trades and the unique and inspiring parts of the UBC campus/equipment that we serve.

On May 13th they will devote one-day of photography to capturing Building Operations at work. Our plan is to be well-prepared and efficient, so in one day we can capture three set-ups for each major area: trades, custodial, and municipal (so 9 settings in total).

Here’s your chance to bring forward your ideas for the best way to show us and the work we do. Send your ideas to chris.freek@ubc.ca or share them with your supervisor, manager or superintendent. In the first week of May we will begin putting together a shooting schedule.

Golf Tournament registration closes May 1st

Are you registered for the 32nd Annual UBC Building Operations Golf Tournament? Registration closes May 1st. Spaces—only $65 each—are limited. Contact Ajay Prasad, Paul Tees, or Steve Windle for details.

Congratulations to everyone who ran the 2015 Vancouver Sun Run

It was a glorious day last Sunday, April 19 and it was a perfect day for the more than 50,000 participants of this year’s Vancouver Sun Run.  Belonging to the the thousands of participants are members of Building Operations.  Congratulations to you who participated in the 2015 Vancouver Sun Run and represented Building Operations!

Wilma Benales
Ana Boal
Jessie Figueras
Edward Ganal
Gurpreet Gill
Ryan Huffman
Nancy Jackson
Neil Jackson
Azmina Manji
Jim Martindale
Danica Pjevalica
Linda Roseborough
Jodi Scott
Tom Scott
Bill Sidhu
Anne Stanton
Albert Sy
Dave Wight

Classroom maintenance opportunity: winter session ends April 29, summer starts May 11th

With winter sessions ending on April 29 and summer sessions starting on May 11, it’s time to consider performing maintenance work.  Let’s take advantage of the week and half to get into classrooms and do maintenance work without being disruptive.

Even when classes and exams are over, there could be others using these rooms for club activities.  Check classroom availability here.

Quick updates

  • New Alumni building receives partial occupancy
  • SUB anticipated partial occupancy on May 4th
  • Park Library handover by end of May 2015
  • Kudos to the custodial crew who helped find new locations for exams affected by the Buchanan power outage
  • NPS Score decreased to 83%; with 50 responses, 5 promoters & 1 detractor
  • Welcome Jacob Santurbano
  • Farewell Brian Funk and Douglas Hadwen
  • Andrew Simpson has been appointed the new vice-president finance for UBC