April 14, 2016

Top Stories

EAOS one year later…UBC supports our new direction by approving budget ask…details to in May town halls

One year ago the hallways at USB were filled with your ideas to help us transition to becoming a planned operations and maintenance organization. We’ve taken these and built a plan that will work and will deliver a new way of working for Building Operations. We recently brought our plan forward as part of our 2016/17 operating budget ask and we have received tremendous support from the university executive and the funds to make the change real. Town halls are being scheduled for May so that everyone can learn more about our next steps.

Building Ops steps up and installs blue lights under budget

Blue phonesThe university installed Blue Phones and cameras to improve safety on campus. Blue Phones are for emergencies, directions and assistance and can be found at many locations on campus, available 24/7. By pushing the red button people are immediately connected to Campus Security and help can be dispatched. Building Ops stepped up and installed additional 20 blue lights with associated infrastructure on campus. This project came in under budget and cost significantly less than the outside competitor’s bid.

Thanks guys for the hard work.


Don`t bring your leftover paint or used motor oil to campus, dispose for it for free at your neighbourhood depot

Paint-cansDon’t drop off your leftover household paint in the bin behind the Paint Shop nor drop off used motor oil in the UBC yard by the Garage. Instead, visit the Metro Vancouver Recycles to find a depot near you. Or call the RCBC Hotline at 604-732-9253 or visit the Recyclepdia for a list of drop-off locations nearest you.

Did you know that the eco fees you pay when you buy paint is used to fund the provincial recycling program? The fees pay for the transportation, storage and processing of these products and ensure that the paint is free to drop off for recycling.

Did you know that the Environmental Handling Charges (EHCs) charged on eligible oil products covers the cost of collection, transportation and processing on materials? This ensures that you can drop off approximately 30 liters per visit at a depot free of charge.

Since you already paid for the eco fees at the point of purchase, take advantage of the free service by dropping used waste at recycling depots. Don’t let UBC pay to dispose of your personal household hazardous wastes.

Mechanical Shop Renovation Update….

Actual construction will begin in the next couple of weeks. We are currently working with the contractor, Finlink Construction Ltd., on a number of items.

  1. A detailed construction schedule will be made available.
  2. We are working with them on a staging area to allow us to continue with our operations.
  3. Because some service vehicles will be displaced during renovations, we are working on determining alternate parking locations.

There`s a renovation bulletin board set up in the hallway outside the new BMS Ops centre office. Come by and check out plans and color schemes.

Stay tuned.

Time Card Improvement Project Update…in 10 seconds

TimecardEarlier this week, Jeff Bondy presented a project update to BOLT and continues to meet with shop Heads/Sub-Heads. Jeff also is engaging parties outside for UBC, i.e., SFU, University of Waterloo, and Concert Properties, to see how they do things from a Work Request/Maintenance and Time Card Perspective.

If you have an idea or opinion regarding this central system, feel free to reach out to Jeff at jeff.bondy@ubc.ca.

“Time is that stuff between paydays.” – Leo Ochs

This week’s special feature…the Clerical Pool


For the next while, we plan to feature the different teams from Building Operations. We will work our way through Customer Services then onto other groups. Talk to your manager to get your group primed for a spotlight piece. We hope you enjoy these features.

Customer Services is a diverse team of extraordinary people like cogs in a clock with each person playing an important role. While the rest of building operations goes about their day looking after operations and being good stewards of University assets, there is group, known as the clerical pool, whose main function is to provide administrative support for the department. The clerical pool work behind the scenes to keep Building Operations running. In addition to the day-to-day work they often take on projects to help Heads and Managers keep track of important asset data that help the department make more informed operational decisions. This team now supports Custodial Services and by the end of the month will be responsible for the full scope of their clerical work.

The clerical pool is always there to organize employee events, answer your questions, process your requests, and help behind the scenes. Here are some fun facts on a year in the life of the clerical pool:

  • 142,680 time cards entered into the time books
  • 12,300 purchase orders faxed
  • 6000 vacation requests entered in Planned Absences
  • 4,920 calls received daily on the central line
  • 2,460 payroll forms completed
  • 1,440 staff scheduled for training
  • 480 requisitions for payment and invoices processed
  • 120 transcribed meeting minutes
  • 20 employee events organized (like, Carving for the Kids, Kids to Work Day, holiday parties, new employee celebrations, retirements and farewell celebrations)

Thank you Lorraine Beckett, Ellen Grande, Yasmeen Musani, Barb Shimizu, April Wong and Caroline Soriano for doing their part in making the world of Building Ops go around.

Have your say and let us know if we should install a coffee machine in USB

We would like to hear from you. Please complete this survey by May 15th. Paper copies are also available at USB Reception.

To have a coffee machine or not to have a coffee machine? Have your say!

Harvest is Open…Dig Into Goodness!

Food Services launches The Harvest Brand. It is the food brand that defines and differentiates what we are all about at Harvest. The menu that the culinary team created is on trend, healthy, wholesome and simply delicious! The grocery items clearly send a message that health, wellness and nutrition is important to us! Just to ensure Food Services doesn’t take it too seriously….freshly baked, warm and famous UBC Cinnamon Buns will be served daily! What a great tribute to the past and a special extra treat for our new Harvest customers.

Now….let’s dig into goodness at what will become a legendary UBC Food Services location.


Quick Updates

NPS score increases to 75% with 5 new promoters.

Matthew Holm, Municipal Services Manager, and wife welcome Elise Karolina Holm on March 24, 2016…Congratulations Matt!