April 2, 2015

Top stories

Kudos to the plumbing team on repairs to Chemistry drainage system

Kudos to the Plumbing team and particularly Mike, Clayton, Ed and Paul for planning and completing some challenging repairs in the Chemistry drainage system last weekend. This team had a plan A, plan B and a plan C in their back pockets as they knew how important it was to get the job done right. The rest of us in Building Ops, the Chemistry department and the 700 students who didn’t have their final lab exams delayed are very appreciative. Great work guys!!

 USB Closed for the Easter Long WeEkend

USB will be closed from Friday April 3 through Monday April 6th. If you are scheduled to work please remember your staff card to gain access.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy long weekend.

It’s not just Building Ops who wants your savings ideas

Many staff received an email last week inviting them to submit ideas they may have about creating efficiencies or new revenue stream here on the Vancouver campus. While we try to encourage this kind of conversation within our department daily, it’s great to see the university asking this question more broadly. So here is your chance to share those ideas!! You can use the link supplied below or share with your head or manager and we can submit for you.

In case you missed it, here is the original email:

Do you have an idea for a new way of working? Do you have an idea about how to do things better at UBC? As faculty or staff, you are invited to submit your suggestions on how the university can be more efficient.

Between now and May 13, 2015, you are invited to submit a suggestion that you believe will create a new revenue stream and/or operating efficiency for the university. A review committee led by the Provost’s offices from both Vancouver and the Okanagan, will consider all suggestions that are submitted. The committee will then share the most beneficial ideas with the appropriate department for further exploration and implementation.

Ideas can be applicable to the coming fiscal year or any future year. Every spring you will be invited to submit new suggestions, as the university reports back on the ideas that are implemented.
We hope you will join the conversation and submit your idea at http://www.vpfinance.ubc.ca/2013-14-actuals/have-your-say/

Learn more about UBC’s financial structure

It is vital that UBC develops long-term budgets that enable us to continue to invest in our strategic priorities. To learn more about the university’s complex financial structure, visit http://www.vpfinance.ubc.ca/2013-14-actuals/
Collectively, we can ensure UBC’s budget continues to be balanced and sustainable.

EAOS Story boards coming up on April 7

On April 7th, the EAOS project team will be posting story boards in the hallway outside The Centre.  The story boards are highlighting the current state information they have gathered from shops, PeopleSoft and FME.

The EAOS project team needs your help and feedback.  The team is requesting that you validate that the information is correct and highlight what is missing.

Feel free to write your ideas on the post-it notes provided or directly on the posters.  The story boards are available to all for feedback until the end of April.

UBC policy: e-cigarettes are treated the same as cigarettes

At UBC, smoking cigarettes is prohibited in any enclosed public place, within 8 meters of a doorway, or anywhere in the work site. For purposes of the policy, smoking e-cigarettes will be treated the same as smoking tobacco products.

For full policies and information on help with smoking cessation, please visit Risk Management.

Buckle Up! It’s the Law

Wearing a seat belt is one of the most important ways for drivers and passengers to protect themselves.  They reduce the risk of occupants striking the interior of the vehicle, colliding with other passengers or being ejected.  Wearing seat belts in BC is also the law.

Seat belt use has been mandatory in BC since 1977.  The fine for not wearing one is $167.  Each unrestrained occupant risks a violation ticket.

Building Operations Policy I-C-07 section 4.5 states “Building Operations’ vehicles must be operated at all times in a safe and courteous manner in accordance with all applicable bylaws, laws and regulations.  This includes wearing a seat belt at all times.”

Buckle Up!

Quick updates

  • Farewell Jerry Hunter who retired on March 31
  • Year End: Receive in the system all items delivered before April 1 and submit invoices to Finance no later than April 7.
  • Farewell Joel Canlas: congratulations on your new job!
  • NPS Score decreased to 81%; with 5 promoters.
  • Starting April 1, the new consumables work order # is BOW0009494