April 21, 2016

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Sm’ART’ Car…Building Operations Vehicle as Art

Smart Car

Often, students or professors ask the help of Building Operations with their experiments or projects, and we provide help as much as we can. Recently, we received a request from Ted Yadeta, a UBC Art History and Visual Art student, to borrow a Smart car for his end-of-year project. The Smart car was driven into the lobby of the Audain Building where students and professor were to critique his work.

When asked to provide a statement from an artist’s point of view, he stated, “‘UBC Sustainability Building Operations Smart Fortwo’ is an artwork by Ted Yadeta. The intended goal of the artwork was to challenge the conventions of art by installing a vehicle into the space to disrupt the original intention of the automobile itself. The automobile functions as an art only when the enters the building.”

AHVA was very grateful that we could assist in this project.

Smart Car 2 cropped

Avail of the new funding year for staff professional development

With April 1 came the start of a new funding year for professional development, and you`re encouraged to take advantage of the professional development funding opportunities available to you.

Individual funding maximums remaining the same as the previous year, with maximums for each group noted below:

  • BCGEU Okanagan: $1,200 Regular; $600 Auxiliary
  • CUPE 116: $500
  • CUPE 2950: $1,000
  • Executive Administrative: $1,000
  • Management and Professional (AAPS): $550
  • Non-Union Technicians & Research Assistants:$800

Additional professional development opportunities are also available, including:

  • Tuition waivers for UBC credit courses or continuing education with UBC Continuing Studies
  • Lynda.com, a free, unlimited, and online learning resource that can help you brush up on your technical, creative, or workplace business skills.
  • In-Person workshops

Talk to your manager to get more information about accessing the professional development funds. Learn more.

Congratulations to the members of the UBC Building Operations Sun Run Team


Sheri Anderson Pauline Li
Wilma Bernales Michael Manhas
Benny Castres Jim Martindale
Yvonne Chan Linda Roseborough
Amy Chao Jodi Scott
Joseph Chao Tom Scott
Francis Collier Jason Smith
Darren Duff Bill Toor
Ryan Huffman Dave Wight
Liz Lara

UBC takes action against the brute force attack on UBC identity management infrastructure

UBC has taken action to stop the attack, and investigation is ongoing. IT Services is now determining whether a global password reset is necessary for Campus-Wide Login users. In order to mitigate risks and prevent future attacks, UBC is also reviewing its security infrastructure, protocols, and policies to determine what actions IT Services can take to further strengthen the security of our networks.

UBC experienced a brute force attack against IT Services` identity management infrastructure on April 14, 2016. The attacks originated from outside UBC from the TOR network. The attackers exploited a vulnerability that is caused by allowing direct remote access to PC`s, servers, and mobile devices via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Off campus access RDP has been shut down. Remote access is still available on University networks via Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) and Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This week’s special feature…the Construction Office

PCs at work

Customer Services is a diverse team of extraordinary people like cogs in a clock with each person playing an important role. Enjoy this week`s feature as we present to you the Project Coordinators.

The simple way to describe the role of a Project Coordinator is to say that they help different departments in UBC take advantage of the services offered by Building Operations.

A project begins to take life from the moment a service request (SR) is received by a Project Coordinator. Last fiscal year over 150 projects were estimated by the Construction Office.

A meeting is arranged with the client (often with more than one person) to clearly understand their wants and needs. Scope of work and timelines are discussed and a good working relationship is established. The project can be any job literally, where more than 2 trades and/or contractors are needed. The projects range in value from $2,500 to $50,000.

Contractors are sourced and scope of work are reviewed with associated trades, work related hazards are identified and safe work procedures are developed, as well as, estimate labour and materials required. The Project Coordinator compiles the data into a job estimate form presented to the client through the Facilities Manager for approval. Normally, 75% of client funded requests for project estimates are approved. With the best possible start time established, a formal schedule is drafted and sent to all stakeholders.

Reminders are sent out to the shops, the clients’ concerns are addressed and purchase orders are issued to contractors. On the big day, the client is relocated for the duration of the project and the trades take care of business. The results of their work are always something of which Building Operations can be proud.

This is when you are thankful that the Client stuck to the original scope, the Heads didn’t take their holidays and the flu wasn’t going around the Shops. Oh yeah… and that they didn’t forget anything.  And yes…everything went as planned.

A typical day of a Project Coordinator means dealing with dozens of projects at once; at all different stages in their life cycle and each with a client demanding different amounts of involvement in their project. Stress levels sometimes run a little high but nothing a cool refreshing beverage can’t take away.

Celebrate Earth Day, April 22


On April 22, help celebrate Earth Day.

UBC Sustainability invites you to participate in events at UBC, take an online Climate Science course, or explore faculty, staff and student efforts to advance our understanding of the planet and not only reduce damage and harm, but improve human and environmental wellbeing.

Click on the picture and learn about trees from our very own arboriculturalist Shawn Riberdy.


Learn more.

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Net Promoter Score increases to 81% with 6 new promoters.

Welcome to UBC: Jason Lee White, Joe Fundal