April 30, 2015

Top stories

Mini-baby boom in USB: Maternity leaves start soon for Denise Tang, Pearle Tuason, and Lisa Higuchi

Our expectant moms are getting ready to start their maternity leaves in the coming month. Pearle will be off first on May 8th, followed by Lisa on May 15th, and Denise June 12th. Congratulations to everyone.

John Owen Building is being prepared for demolition

Tenants of the John Owen building will continue to hold office in the building until their scheduled move-out date in mid-June.  Please be aware that spending any significant moneys in the building needs to be made through informed decision-making with consideration to the occupants’ ability to continue operations.

Have an idea that will make Building Operations stronger or better? Send it to Bright Ideas

Have an idea that you think will make Building Operations stronger or better? Send it to Bright Ideas, our new ideas program! Anyone in Building Operations is invited to submit ideas that could potentially save resources, improve service, increase safety, or improve the quality of work life. If your idea is implemented, you’ll be rewarded and recognized in a whole bunch of ways. Read more about Bright Ideas on the staff tab of our website.

 Quick updates

  • Don’t change in hallway by the Centre. Use the change facilities made available for you
  • NPS Score decreased to 82%; with 50 responses, 9 new promoters & 4 new detractors
  • Farewell Matt Randall
  • Farewell Satinder Klair