August 30, 2016

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As school starts, give yourself time to arrive to work and plan your breaks accordingly

A reminder, that as school starts again, thousands of students will be pouring onto campus.

If you drive to campus or take transit, plan extra time for your commute. During your work hours on campus, be aware of long line-ups for coffee and food services.  So plan accordingly as you don’t want to get stuck wasting your entire 15 minute break in a coffee line up.

Vantage College Occupancy Delayed to Friday, September 2

Occupancy of the Vantage College portion of Orchard Commons has been delayed to this Friday, September 2nd, with classes starting on Wednesday, September 7th and the office space moves on Monday, September 12th.

Thanks for coming out to the Ice Cream Social

We did it! Together we ate 995 ice creams, wore 80 bow ties, dunked 11 people (only 1 dunkee escaped the tank!), and raised $225 for the United Way. A great way to enjoy a sunny day.

Our two special guests, President and Vice-Chancellor Santa Ono and VP Finance and Operations Andrew Simpson, also joined us for the fun.

Ice Cream 1

Ice Cream 3Ice Cream 2

Congratulations to the Pie Eating Contest winners Bill Guest (day shift) and Wilma Bernales (evening shift).

Ice Cream 4

Ice Cream 5

If you guys would stop laughing you would notice Wilma (second from end) is going to win!

Thank you to the Carpenter Shop and Paint Shop for the Giant Jenga blocks; Bill Toor and Florante Navarra for bringing the tables and chairs; Waste Management for the waste receptacles; the Utility Workers for setting up tables; the Electrical Shop for providing the sound system; the Clerical Pool for providing support in all aspects of the day’s events; and the Custodial Group for always being there for us in helping with the clean-up. Special thanks to Travis Simpson, Lee McCormick, James Bellavance, Deb Capps, Kevin Morris, Dan Strikaitis, Bert Tempel, Denise Tang, Kishani Gibbons, Justin Rhodes, Tamas Weidner, Jas Badesha, Rick Mitchell, Roozbeh Kianpour-Atabaki, Greg Thrift, Krista Hewlett, Eryn Buzza, Bruce Dery, Charles Creelman, Chris Skipper, Barry Brooks and Ana Boal. And a big, big thank you to Caroline Soriano!

Quick Updates

Leaving UBC: Greig Samodien

NPS score decreased to 78%, with 3 new promoters