August 13, 2015

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Bright Ideas – Ideas for Capital Improvements Needed

Earlier this week UBC was granted some funds from the provincial ministry for advanced education (AVED). Building Ops has put our hand up and said that we can help spend it, so we need your ideas. We have our 5 year plan for capital improvements and that will be the main source for projects but we are open to adding things to the list.Items should be:

  1. eligible for capital funding (meaning a one time spend on equipment creating a betterment not just simple replacement of something worn out),
  2. be on the 5 year CRDM program list or something that really should be but isn’t for whatever reason,
  3. can be completed before March 31st
  4. addresses life safety improvement, conservation of energy or water, improve lifecycle cost or dramatically reduce maintenance.

Share your ideas with your manager or send it to


Crews Work Quickly to Fix Broken Window

The call came in around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. There was a broken window on the 4th floor directly over the entrance to IK Barber. Labour crew worked quickly to secure the scene as the glass panel weighing hundreds of pounds could have come down on unsuspecting pedestrians below at any time. By 4pm Glazier Jim and Acting Head Kevin were enroute to site with all the right equipment to take care of the hazard.

Huge thanks to all who reacted so quickly to attend to this issue.


No Parking on East Mall near Volkoff Lane

A quick reminder to avoid parking in and around the Hebb Theatre and East Mall Public Realm projects.  If there is a need to be in that area, we are asking that our service crews use the back of house areas in behind Hebb to park and stage their equipment.  These projects are on a really tight time line and require access to this area to be free of obstructions in order to move material and resources in and out as needed.

If you have an emergency in the area and need to park within the Syncra site you can contact Adam the site superintendent and he will accommodate you.  Parking in this area so you can go grab coffee or lunch at the SUB is not okay, make other arrangements.

Let’s do our part and keep this area clear of Building Operations vehicles.


EAOS update

We are now building templates to collect the asset information and will work with Managers, Heads and Sub-Heads to refine the templates so that the right information is collected on each system or piece of equipment. In the next few weeks we will be finalizing the plan for an asset information collection pilot. We need to test that the templates have everything that is required and we want to evaluate how long it will take to collect information. We will also decide who will collect the information and how it will be collected.

Stay tuned as the pilot will be a great test event that we will all learn from.


Driving and Using Phones

There have numerous reports lately, and a few tickets, relating to drivers using their cell phone while operating a Building Operations’ vehicle.  As you know this is against the law, against policy and it is just plain dangerous on a campus filled with distracted pedestrians. Our policy says you must refrain from using any hand held electronic devices while driving as per section 30.07 of the motor vehicle act. This includes cellular phones, even in hands free mode while in a vehicle unless the vehicle has been removed from the flow of traffic and is at a full stop. An exception can be made only by request to your manager on a case by case basis.


UBC President Arvind Gupta has resigned. Martha Piper to act as interim President.

The UBC Board of Governors regretfully accepted President Arvind Gupta’s resignation Friday, August 7th. Dr. Gupta has made meaningful accomplishments in his tenure as President, but has decided he can best contribute to the university and lead Canada’s innovation agenda by resuming his academic career and leadership roles in the business and research community.

Martha Piper, who previously served as UBC’s president from 1997 to 2006, will serve as interim president from Sept. 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 while the university conducts a comprehensive, global search for a new leader.  During the month of August, Dr. Angela Redish will be the acting president, in addition to provost pro tem.

For more details, please read the public Affairs news site.


UBC Campus Water Comsumption Down 30% with Conservation Efforts


There has been a significant reduction of water consumption due to Stage 3 restrictions.  UBC has seen a 30% decrease over last year’s consumption.
Good job saving water!

Learn more about our water shortage response plan here.


Quick Updates


NO HOT WATER IN USB MONDAY AUGUST 17TH — domestic hot water shutdown for DES


NPS increased to 87% with 5 new promoters.