December 24, 2015

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Everyone can head home at 2nd coffee (1:45 p.m. for day shift) as long as campus operations are running smoothly.
This will apply to custodial evening and graveyard shifts as well.

MoA appreciation

MoA Appreciation








The Museum of Anthropology hosted a coffee and doughnut event to show their appreciation to the Yellow and Orange zone trades and the gardeners that service the museum. The Museum is a high profile public building and they appreciate the work that we do for them.

Great work!!

(Recognize the second man from the right? Brennan Bell was a Project Coordinator in the Construction Office — now a Facility Manager at MoA.)

Thank you for a successful exam period!

Another successful exam period has wrapped on campus.  Working together with administrators, we were able to identify the source of exam disruptions and address them quickly. The event with the most impact was a power outage at the Buchanan Complex–exams had  just started when this occurred. The FM was on site within minutes  and high voltage team quickly responded and discovered a faulty protection relay. Power was back on in approximately half an hour.

Thanks to all crews involved in setting up exams, delivering booklets, responding to emergencies, and ensuring temperatures in the spaces were maintained.


EAOS Family Presents Round 2

Quick Updates

Joining UBC: Matthew Holm, Liberty Arnaldo, George Nodar, Untung Handjatmeko, Jerry Eclipse, Liza Montajes

NPS score increased to 85% with 5 new promoters.