February 12, 2015

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Workplace Experience Survey (WES) campus-wide results in

Campus-wide results are ready February 25th (you can check it out that day at http://www.focusonpeople.ubc.ca/workplace-experiences-survey/) and that means that Building Operations’ results will be available in early March.

The WES is one of our best sources of anonymous information about how we can improve our employee engagement, leadership, asset stewardship, and customer service. Thank you to the record number of people who participated.

Kudos on our flood response in IRC

Our sincere thanks to you all for your prompt response to our “flood” problem Wednesday the 11th in the IRC.

From the quick response by the young fellow from the Power House, to the wonderful job Saroj Tailor and her co-worker did in cleaning up the water was most appreciated.  Thanks to all involved!

– Cathy Gilfillan

Health and safety incident and time loss trending in the right direction

It great when fewer of us are suffering fewer injuries. It improves our workplace and our home lives. Congratulations and thank you.

Please keep reporting all incidents and injuries so that we can make sure we are doing everything we can to learn from our experiences and live our value of safety.

Staff excellence plaques return to USB atrium

Over the past year USB has seen a lot of construction and change. In the course of that work we had to protect our staff excellence awards. Now that the walls in the atrium have been repainted, we’ve been able to place our awards back in a place of honour. Thank you for you for your excellent work and your patience!

Reminder: no parking in reserved or assigned stalls

There is a lot of construction on campus and that is creating parking pressure for all departments. While Building Operations has an operational need for parking easy access to work areas, we cannot park in areas reserved or assigned to other UBC staff who also require access.

Lots of people have more questions about where and when to park, Were working to get clarification from Brian Jones in Parking and we’ll share the information with you as it comes in.

Quick updates

NPS held at 85% with 48 responses: 5 promoters and one detractor.