February 19, 2015

Top stories

Photo at work: Millwrights save BRDF

Crew 31 millwrights are inside the fuel storage silo at the BRDF repairing the screw auger assembly. In the picture the Millwrights have removed a gear box that drives the screw auger cone.

The screw auger assembly failed unexpectedly at BRDF and caused a plant shut down and lost production. The millwrights mobilized and worked all week and then all day Saturday to complete the job saving the University tens of thousands of dollars. This photo was taken on Friday Feb 6th, the repair work was completed Saturday Feb 7th.

New digital signs to start “go live” this week

As part of the Digital Signs project, we’ve made some small, but significant changes to www3.buildingoperations.ubc.ca:

  • The staff tab is now in its permanent home on the far right of the navigation bar. The staff tab will be the home for Building-Operations-staff-facing content on the website. The content of this section will expand as we identify opportunities to share more information with all staff.
  • Our Digital Signs are now in their new home in the staff tab. Under the staff tab’s Digital Signs section, you will find a list of all of the digital signs currently operating in the Building Operations Digital Sign network. By clicking on any of the signs you’ll be able to see the news and events of the last seven days, as they appear on that specific sign. It’s mobile ready, so you can check the news from any job site or meeting on your smart phone.
  • There is a new form for submitting news to the digital signs and email newsletter. To make it really easy to submit news items for the digital signs and email newsletter we have developed a form. The form is open to any member of Building Operations to help get the right operational news to the right sign. As we get the network up and running we’ll share more information about other ways to get in touch.

Thanks for all of your input in designing this system and support in its launch.

Break-in at USB final facts

On the night of Saturday February 7th, USB was broken into. They broke into a communications closet in an attempt to disable key card access and gained entry into: RMS, Childcare, The Wellness Centre. They made off with some cash, resalable assets, and UBC branded materials.

The two accused, who are not current or past UBC employees, were pulled over early Sunday morning in a routine traffic stop. The arresting officer noted various items from UBC. We were able to recover most of the stolen items and are working with both campus RCMP and the VPD to bring the event to a successful close.

Going forward, campus security is handling the case. Please be aware of who is around you and report suspicious activity to campus security at: 604-822-2222.

Our apologies for the delay in sharing this information. A technical glitch deleted this item from last week’s newsletter.

Anti-bullying day

Anti-Bullying Day is coming February 25th.

That’s your day to wear something pink to show that we are all working together to prevent bullying at our workplace.

The Pink Shirt comes from two Nova Scotia high school students, who decided to take a stand against bullying in their own school.

Please don’t park on the grass

The municipal crew is noticing a large increase in damage to planted areas from contractor and Building Operations vehicles.

Please check the campus construction map and plan your parking before you leave.

Always park in designated parking areas.

Join an EAOS fact finding session at reception or www3.buildingoperations.ubc.ca/eaos

The EAOS project is moving strongly towards our next steps. We will be running volunteer Fact Finding Sessions in March.

The sessions will be:

  • 90 minutes
  • Gathering feedback through the use of iclickers and discussion
  • Facilitated to gather detailed information on the way we do things currently for planning, scheduling, tracking, processes, and procedures

If you would like to be a part of these sessions please send us a quick email to the EAOS team, drop a note in the EAOS suggestion box at reception, or send us your interest online by the 27th February. We will schedule you into a fact finding session and let you know where and when we’ll meet in early March.

New elevator issue tracking tool to improve customer service

Thanks to Ellen Grande, Kishani Gibbons, Chris Newell, and Darko Jelic for creating and implementing our new elevator issue tracking tool.

This excel spreadsheet allows us to see the trends of which elevators are having reoccurring issues and which service provider owns these issues. This will help us establish a baseline comparison of customer satisfaction across the service contract owners, as well as help us take identify which elevators are less dependable.

To get the best results, we need to know when the elevators are experiencing issues. Please complete a service request for all elevator issues, no matter how minor.

Computer replacements coming to meet new it standards

Many of our desktop computers will be replaced over the next couple of months. These replacements are required as IT Services requires certain software and capabilities to enable Building Operations to migrate from our current LBS domain to the new EAD (Enterprise Active Directory) domain. The EAD domain will become the standard domain across UBC.

Watch for more information in the coming months about how this will affect computer users and access.

Quick updates

  • Hauter Kang acting HSW on custodial evening shift
  • NPS decreased to 82% with 27 responses: 25 promoters, 2 detractors