February 25, 2016

Top Stories

University Blvd at West Mall closed from Feb 26 – 27 due to planned work

Scheduled work will be done on University Boulevard at West Mall this Friday, February 26th and Saturday, the 27th. Only UBC fleet vehicles will either need to squeeze by the work site on University Blvd for calls on Education Lane. We can utilize the preferred route that goes behind Dorothy Somerset by the Power House


Ponderosa Commons Phase 2 is now fully occupied under “Partial Provisional Occupancy”

Building Operations and SHHS trade staff will receive system demonstrations and training from March 3rd through to March 9th. Until full occupancy has been granted and commissioning has been completed, Building Operations and SHHS trades will be expected to respond to life safety and protection of asset calls such as flood, fire and elevator entrapments 24/7.

During Monday – Friday day shift, first response to these calls will be shared by Building Operations, SHHS and Urban One. Building Ops and SHHS are expected to respond to afternoon, night and weekend calls. We are also in the process of working with SHHS to determine the service demarcation of routine work, first responder and capital renewal.

Vehicle access changes in Acadia Park and Fairview Crescent effective immediately

Student Housing and Hospitality Services is making operational changes to the usage practices of the locked laneways in Acadia Park Residence and Fairview Crescent Residence. Note these changes in the memo from SHHS and ensure that staff who may require access to these laneways are made aware.

Make an appointment with the Animal Care facility contact person prior to visit when handling Service Requests

Please remember to make an appointment with the facility contact person when handling service requests from Animal Care so the technician can meet you, explain safety protocols and, when needed, escort you into the facility.

Certain facilities on campus require occupant authorization prior to access. This requirement varies from sensitive information (President’s Office) to sensitive research (Animal Care). In the case of Animal Care, there are safety precautions both for the research and for you, that when executed properly, there is manageable risk. Each service request for animal care is marked as such, with a contact name for the specific facility.

Animal Care SR

Animal Care is happy to provide information sessions for the facilities if requested. Please contact the Facilities Manager for more information.

Congratulations, Corky Cortusan of the Paint Shop, on receiving the 2015 Staff Excellence Awards for Leadership

corkyMany leaders are competent but few qualify as remarkable. Corky’s leadership skills are that…remarkable. He guides his crew through challenges, always looks for constructive solutions and focuses on moving forward. An epitome of a great leader, Corky’s ability to get everyone working and pulling together is inspirational.

Congratulations, Corky!


IT Issue Tracking System “Fogbugz” replaced by “Service Now”

“Fogbugz” is phasing out and “Service Now” is live for FMS and Hyperion support, effective immediately. How can this help you?

Here are links to help you address PeopleSoft issues:

The old support email ubcuit-a-fmsbugs@mail.ubc.ca will be disabled.

Stores counters lights are so bright…you gotta wear shades!

With the recent replacement of burnt out lights at the Stores counter, the new High Output lights have brightened up the area considerably, prompting the counter crew to put on sunglasses until they get used to the new lights.


T4/T4A statements available online

You can now download your T4 and T4A statements for tax return purposes through the Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal.

How to download your statement:

  1. Log-in to the Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal using your Campus-Wide ID Login (CWL). If you are off-campus, you will need to connect using VPN.
  2. Click on ‘HRMS Self-Service.’
  3. In the ‘My Pay’ column of the screen, select ‘Year End Slips’ to see the content agreement to receive your statement electronically for the current and previous years.

Please note that those who choose not to accept the agreement will receive their T4/T4A statements in late February, consistent with the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency.

Learn more and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Participate in UBC housing needs survey at survey.ubc.ca/s/housingneedssurvey

One of the challenges of working at UBC is our location. It can be difficult to find affordable housing on or near campus leading most people who work here to commute to campus.

UBC is currently asking for your help to better understand our current situation and what we may be able to do to help support faculty and staff housing at UBC.

To complete the online survey, please visit the secure survey website by March 6, 2016: https://survey.ubc.ca/s/housingneedssurvey

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete—there is no need to provide your name. The information collected in this survey will be bundled anonymously for analysis and reporting. The final analysis report will be made available on the Housing and Relocation Services website in summer 2016.

Survey respondents are eligible to win one of two Fitbits or an iPad award. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Housing and Relocation Services at info.facultyhousing@ubc.ca.

Quick Updates

Congratulations to April Wong who is now a certified level 2 Occupational First Aid Attendant for Building Operations!

We’ve hit another milestone…”coffee spill” marked the 80,000th Service Request!

NPS score decreased to 78% with 5 new promoters.

Welcome to UBC: Marilla Gatchalian, Caroline Hedge