February 4, 2016

Top Stories

Building Ops Sorts It Out; thanks to Sam Agawa, Bruce Dery and Custodial Services

Marshall BinThe Marshall Bin is everywhere on campus! With the switch to the new multi-stream waste sorting stations; they became a substantial waste management issue themselves!

Through efforts by Custodial Services, Sustainability and our recycling station fabricator, Capricorn Multitech, hundreds have been re-purposed with other organizations. Some, however, have been recreated into recycling stations for the UBC Parking group in our parkades.

Thanks to the skilled work of Sam Agawa in our Paint Shop and Bruce Dery in our Sign Shop, these garbage receptacles have found a higher purpose!

Marshall Bin repurposed

Vacation Requests to be Submitted by February 15

The Payroll Group, members of which are Virginia Langone, Tracy He and Robin Shortt; did an amazing job getting vacation entitlements posted by January 15. Now, it’s your turn to be amazing by submitting all vacation requests by February 15. Remember, the Clerical Pool will be entering all approved requests to be posted by March 1. Help them help you!

Congratulations, John Neumann of Municipal Services, on receiving the 2015 Staff Excellence Awards for Innovation

John Neumann2John Neumann, Landscape Technologist, received the Staff Excellence Award for Innovation. He has improved workplace processes such as correcting irrigation design errors and this brought about department savings. Systems were not only maintained but old systems were also resurrected. His technical applications were truly innovative. About to be installed are rain sensors, which he suggested as a means to conserve water during irrigation.

Bravo, John!

Updated list of buildings served by the DES as of February 4 is now available

Check out the latest DES updates to know which buildings are running on the district energy hot water heating system and which buildings will be coming online soon.

EAOS Updates

  • Data collection at FNH is over 98% complete with a few DES upgrade questions to be answered.
  • Next we will work on completing an equipment list for the IONA building.
  • A local asset tagging solution company called Builtspace came to present their program which they have piloted at CIRS for an engineering PhD student. This has triggered more discussion about our tagging and equipment management system needs.

Leadership in Action: UBC Releases 2014-2015 Annual Sustainability Report

The highlights: 636 sustainability courses; 48 sustainability programs; a significant reduction in emissions; and a clear focus on community wellbeing. These all illustrate sustainability in action across UBC this past year. UBC’s 2014-2015 Annual Sustainability Report is aligned with the university’s new 20-year Sustainability Strategy. Released in 2014, the strategy provides a long-term vision for the integration of sustainability across teaching, learning and research, operations and infrastructure and community.

Take a Breather with the Traveling Health Fair, February 10 – 25

In an effort to help faculty and staff breathe easier, the annual Traveling Health Fair launches this February with a focus on lung health. The mobile clinics is a partnership between the Health, Wellbeing and Benefits team and the Pharmacists Clinic, and offers free, voluntary one-on-one health assessments and consultations.

The free health fair, operating at multiple locations across campus from February 10 to 25, includes:

  • A lung health check-up
  • Information about breathing and the lungs
  • Lung health risk factor information
  • A personalized action plan for optimal lung health

Learn more and register.

Quick Updates

Temporary promotion opportunity available as Sub-head Electrical Projects: Sign-up sheet will be posted in the Electrical Shop until Wednesday, February 10th

Mark’s “Work Warehouse” Discount Cards now in your shop mail slot at USB Reception

NPS score decreased one point to 81%; 6 new promoters and 1 new detractor.

Welcome UBC: Jeffrey Bondy, Aaron Esquivel, Ryan Castro, Roderick Cadiz, Mike McNeilly, Marcelo Paz