February 6, 2015

Top stories

Tool Crib running fall protection equipment audit

The Tool Crib has been working diligently to catalogue, capture the information, tag, and inspect all fall protection equipment in all Building Operations shops. This is required so that these regulatory inspections of all fall protection items can be tracked, performed, and documented.

Managers/Heads, please discuss with your crews to ensure that all equipment in their possession has been brought to the Tool Crib for documentation.

Team effort on high-voltage shutdown saves $20,000

A high voltage shutdown coming this spring will impact the power to many buildings and disrupts some customer operations. Continuing Studies worked with Building Operations to move some of their previously scheduled exams to non-impacted buildings, saving UBC $20,000!

Pension workshops coming to Building Operations this month

Pension workshops are coming to Building Operations in February and March. More information to follow on times, dates and how to sign up.

C&CP Custodial office main door access is now on secure access controls

If you need access, please ensure your Iclass card is programmed. This can be arranged through Pam Wasylyshen.

Reminder: we can’t endorse products on behalf of UBC

Vendors have found that UBC’s endorsement of a product can substantially add to its value and marketability. They and may ask you for such an endorsement. Your personal endorsement of any product does not constitute UBC’s endorsement and should not be given in any way that might lead anyone to believe it does. You can read the whole policy at: http://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/files/2010/08/policy110.pdf.


PeopleSoft outage coming February 7th

There will be a PeopleSoft outage Saturday, February 7 from 6 – 10 am. If you experience any issues with PeopleSoft on the Tuesday after the long weekend, please contact the Service Centre who will collect issues and forward them to IT.


Sign up for free training and resources from APPA.org

As an employee of an APPA member educational institution, you are eligible to receive an APPA Associate membership at no cost. Creating an APPA account gives you exclusive access to member benefits, such as the membership directory, the APPA Body of Knowledge, online services, membership discounts on publications, and much more! To get started, visit http://www.appa.org/login/newaccount_membership.cfm.


EAOS starts meetings to gather current state of asset stewardship at UBC

The EAOS team has started the process of meeting with staff to gather your view of our current approach to asset stewardship. We’ve completed three group meetings so far and we’ll be scheduling more in the near future. If you’d like to get involved, fill out our easy web from: http://www3.buildingoperations.ubc.ca/staff/projects-programs/eaos/get-in-touch-with-eaos/.

Quick updates

  • NPS decreased to 85% with 39 responses: three were detractors.
  • Keiser Fire alarm panel was down for 24-hours, now restored thanks to the FLS crew.
  • Custodial worked hard through the weekend to clean up sewer back-up at Header House and Lower Mall Research Centre.  Kudos!