January 15, 2015

Top stories

Bio Sciences North & Centre blocks project changed to 2018

Bio Sciences is undergoing a building renewal to refresh and renovate the building. The project timing has been moved from the planned summer 2017 to early 2018. In the project, the North building will be renovated and renewed, the Centre building will be demolished to create a courtyard, and new building—to be referred to as biosciences East—will be constructed across from the Bookstore loading dock.

EAOS names priorities: campus, ROI, and risk

EAOS program to focus on maximizing and adding value for the following three areas:

  • Keeping the campus running
  • Realizing return on investment
  • Mitigating risk

Invited staff, you’ll hear all the details at the EAOS launch on 23 January at 8:00 am at Hebb 100 Theatre. Please walk to Hebb, as parking is limited and there is a lot of construction in the area.

Share your thoughts on the ongoing changes to our website at www3.buildingoperations.ubc.ca

We’re making some changes to our website to improve customer service and clarity. Visit http://www3.buildingoperations.ubc.ca and provide your feedback by clicking on the feedback tab on the bottom of the screen. It’s a work of continuous improvement, so feedback is welcome at any time.

Quick updates

  • First Building Transition Team expectations/outline meeting was a great success.
  • The Building transition’s teams first walk-through will be the new Alumni Building and the new SUB on January 20th.
  • President’s House M&P custodial position has been filled. Change was required to meet the President’s flexible scheduling and needs. CUPE position was reassigned, not eliminated.
  • Turn on your lights in the fog. Daytime running lights do not turn on taillights.