January 22, 2015

Top stories

Coyote on Campus

Our very popular resident Carter the Coyote has his own twitter and Facebook accounts. Barry Eccleton is the University Spokesperson on the Coyote subject. If you are approached by the media, please direct them to the Public Affairs Department. The conservation unit has been contacted and will come out if the animal becomes aggressive.  To the best of our knowledge that has not happened. You can call 822-2222 if you have concerns.

Please don’t park or drive on sidewalks

There are serious safety concerns with regard to vehicles driving on sidewalks as well as parking in areas that may contribute to congested roadways.

10% Discount Card for Mark’s coming by month end

By the end of this month we will receive and distribute discount cards that offer a 10% discount on any purchase made at any Mark’s for safety or regular wear. The card must be produced at purchase to qualify for the discount.

NPS score and feedback/our responses will be coming to the newsletter

This week, NPS decreased to 85%. 65 customers provided feedback last week, 63 provided positive service feedback, and 2 customers that were detractors of our service.

CCM Boiler off 24-hour watch

The requirement for 24-hour boiler monitoring at CCM is now replaced with an “equivalent safety approach” – thanks to the OEs and UME crew that stepped up to provide the oversight while the equivalency was being reviewed for approval by the BC Safety Authority.

Road closure maps are updated every Friday

Road closure maps are updated on Fridays and are accessed by the link on our website; we have had troubles getting the latest to feed to the screen but are resolving those technical issues.

A reminder that this road closure map will help you reduce the frustration carry-on effects that closures may cause.

Yellow/Orange zone office moving from USB to the Scarfe by month end

The Yellow/Orange zone office moving from USB to the Scarfe Office block, room 2007, on January 30th.

This move will allow the teams to have a little more space than what was originally provided in USB.   We are in the process of reviewing options for what to do with their current space within USB.

Ponderosa Phase 1 one-year-warranty-walk-through January 29th

Architectural, Electrical, and Mechanical consultants as well as Key Building Operations staff will be attending. The intention is to perform an overall review and generate feedback on lessons learned.

Quick updates

  • Annual Review for the Technical Guidelines is coming up – All new submission due- February 27th.
  • EAOS town hall on Friday, please walk to Hebb 100.
  • 2015 vacation allowances have been distributed and should be returned with vacation choices selected by February 15th.