January 28, 2016

Top Stories

BMS on the move to the old yellow/orange zone office

In preparation for the shop renovations, the BMS Operations Centre will be moving to USB Room 0006, the old yellow/orange zone office on January 28/29th. During the move, there may be a delay in response from the team due to timing of phone lines and IT connections, so please drop by their space if something is critically urgent.

Improvements on Scheduling Employees on Training effective immediately

Keeping up-to-date with your core safety and equipment training is critical to ensure we can get the job done. However, scheduling retraining has always been a bit of a challenge. That is why effective immediately, we are putting some new steps in place to make sure we track training renewal dates, plan the classes being mindful of planned absences, get notification directly out to all involved employees and their heads; and track attendance so no one is missed. It is everyone’s obligation to ensure staff attend training and keep their skills up to date. Let’s make this a priority for 2016 – safety first!!

Updated list of buildings served by the DES as of January 28 is now available

Check out the latest DES updates to know which buildings are running on the district energy hot water heating system and which buildings will be coming online soon.

Reminder: Provide appropriate action on service requests before changing status to complete

Feedback from our customers noted that SR status has been changed to “Complete” prior to the entire scope of the work being done. If you have completed your portion of the work, but the job needs another person to now do another task, we ask that you do one of the following:

  1. Reassign to the next person who needs to perform the next task.  or
  2. If you don’t know, change status of the SR to “Approved”.  The Service Centre will then reassign to the next person in line. Remember, provide Service Centre notes in the “Note Field.”  or
  3. Create a related SR and write notes in your assigned SR, such as “completing this SR and have created a related SR to allow completion of the work by another crew” before changing the status to “Complete.”

Click on the links to for details on how to do these.

Do not park at the Life Sciences Loading dock

There have been two instances this past week where Building Operations’ service vehicles have been parked at the Life Sciences loading dock for more than 15 minutes. In both cases, dock 3 was being obstructed.

If you need to park for longer than 15 minutes, use the spaces provided as shown in the map below.

Life Sciences Building Operations trade parking cropped

Planned Maintenance is no surprise to Building Operations – Feeder 12F12 Shutdown May 7, 2016

Electrical Utilities are gearing up for the next planned HV-electrical feeder maintenance shutdown (12F12) scheduled on the weekend of May 7th 2016, which is part of the ongoing preventive maintenance program for high voltage feeders across campus.

The 12F12 feeder maintenance entails shutting down utility power to selected buildings across the northwest sector of the campus. Years of advanced planning working closely with affected faculties, building occupants and vested stakeholders such as the facilities manager, electrical trades, IT and custodial services to name a few, helps ensure a seamless transition during this planned power interruption.

Planned maintenance shutdowns can allow the UBC research community the opportunity to create “Power Outage Emergency Plans” for unplanned power failures; thus potentially mitigating impact to millions of dollars invested in research.

Congratulations, Linda Roseborough of Risk Management Services, on receiving the 2015 Staff Excellence Awards for Health Safety & Wellness

LindaLinda Roseborough, Health Wellness Safety Advisor, received the Health Safety Wellness Award at the 2015 Staff Excellence Awards. She proved to be a leader with her dedication in promoting workplace health, safety and wellness. Partnering with Allan McGavin Sports Medicine, she transformed a vision of wellbeing into reality by creating The Centre here at USB. She is a vanguard in fostering wellness at UBC. Building Operations is lucky to have her here with our team.

Congratulations, Linda!

Dart Tournament raised over $15,000 for the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau

MartinFor the past 15+ years, Martin Varma, one of the Heads of the Carpentry shop, has been organizing the annual dart tournament at Building Operations with all proceeds going directly to the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau. Martin has quietly ran this successful campaign, having raised over $15000 in the process. The Executive Director of the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau, Chris Bayliss, came to collect the monies raised from last year’s event and to personally congratulate Martin on his continued efforts that benefit families and children throughout the lower mainland.

Congratulations Martin, looking forward to this year’s tournament!

EAOS Updates

  • Data collection at FNH is over 90% complete and will be done this week. Next, we will work on posting the information in a user-friendly format on Records Retrieval.
  • Based on what we’ve learned from the data collection pilot, we will develop a strategy to collect equipment data across campus to get the most important information out to the shops as quickly as possible.
  • We are still gathering requirements for equipment field tagging. What would help you most to see on tags? What have you seen that has worked well elsewhere? We’d like to hear from you. Send your ideas to eaos.buildingops@ubc.ca. Thanks to those who sent their ideas last week!
  • A local asset tagging solution company called Builtspace is coming out next week to explain to us what they offer.

Do you know of a colleague deserving recognition? Nominate them for the 2016 President’s Awards for Staff

You are invited to recognize UBC staff who make outstanding contributions to the University community and their achievements by nominating them for the 2016 President’s Service Awards for Excellence and the President’s Staff Awards. Download the nomination package and nominate your colleague by 4PM, Friday, March 11, 2016.

President’s Service Awards for Excellence is open to all UBC staff with 10 or more years of service (including OUC service at the Okanagan campus). Up to five recipients are selected each year. The awards are presented during Graduation ceremonies, and each recipient receives a medal and $5,000.

The President’s Staff Awards is open to all staff at the Vancouver campus with three or more years of service.  Visit the website to see the categories. Up to 12 recipients are selected each year (2 per category), and recipients receive $2,000.

Quick Updates

Feb 15 -19 IS Reading Week: Coordinate with FMs to ensure rooms are blocked off for maintenance

Mark’s “Work Warehouse” Discount Cards available for distribution next week

NPS score decreased to 82%. There were 9 new promoters and 1 detractor.

West Mall will be fully closed between Agronomy Road North & South, from 7AM January 27, Wednesday, through 6PM Friday, January 29