January 29, 2015

Top stories

Emergency management planning continues

Task Force Building Operations is scheduled to be completed in draft by March 31st. This means we will have a document to guide us for the initial response for campus operations after a significant earthquake event.

This is one of many documents being created by other task forces – for example security or mass care (housing and feeding the population stuck on campus).

Key staff will be involved with detailing our approach in the coming months.

Good job with flood response last week

Significant rainfall occurred on campus January 23rd and 24th.

Many roofs experienced some leaking but the response of our architectural trades and custodial staff was good. Thanks everyone.

Digital Screen Pilot live in USB Atrium

Our digital sign project has hit a major milestone: the first screen is up and ready for your feedback.

The design of the screens is closely based on your ideas and feedback from our communications sessions last fall.

The pilot screen in USB  will continue to have changes throughout the week as settings are dialed in (for example, it is currently displaying in a very dark colour due to an IT setting on the TV, which should be addressed very soon).

Please send you feedback to news.buildingoperations@ubc.ca or talk with your supervisor.

Collin Varner featured on UBC’s “What are you working on?”

As UBC’s Horticulturist and Arboriculturist, it’s Collin’s job to take care of all the trees on the Vancouver Campus. To see what he’s working on, watch the great video profile at: http://www.ubc.ca/ubc-now/#colin-varner.

AMS survey highlights students’ safety concerns

Results from the AMS’ student academic experience survey this year show many students are feeling unsafe on UBC’s campus. You can read the report in the Ubyssey at: http://ubyssey.ca/news/academic-experience-survey-safety-849/.

Key roles for Building Operations includes ensuring landscape is kept clear, exterior lights are working, and to use our eyes and ears to notice things that don’t seem quite right. Please report and suspicious activity to Security and send maintenance items to our Service Centre.

AMS cancels renovation plans for the old SUB, waits for UBC next steps

The AMS is scrapping their renovation plans for the basement floor in the old SUB. You can read the report in the Ubyssey at: http://ubyssey.ca/news/ams-cancels-renovation-plans-old-sub-waits-go-ahead-next-step-ubc-768/.

Quick updates

  • Hiring of head steamfitter and manager of municipal proceeding
  • Coming in February: Pension information session lunch and learns
  • Welcome:
    • Case McMaster, electrician
    • Betty Bahrynowski , building services worker
  • Farewell:
    • Doug McEwan, labourer 3 municipal services
    • Jonathan Burton, electrician
    • Farewell Chris Powell, electrician