July 23, 2015

Top Stories

High voltage crew and labourer crew working together

high voltage crew 20150722 news

The Utilities Electricians, Rob Schwarz, Mike Robson, Case McMaster; apprentices Mike Paley and Dariusz Jaworski work together to remove a high voltage cable from the manhole on West Mall in front of USB.  With the help of Foti Alexiou, Rob Sommerfeld and Quentin Benedetti, they manage to complete the task safely.  Great teamwork!

Metro Vancouver moves to Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Due to unseasonably dry and hot weather and a record low inflows to our reservoirs, Metro Vancouver has moved to Stage 3 water restrictions effective immediately.  You can learn more about our water shortage response plan here.

Please put in a service request or contact the Service Centre at 604.822.2173 to report fire hazards or safety risks.

 No more flooding on Lower Mall. Catch basin successfully repaired

A broken rubber seal and concrete obstructed 4″ pipe has caused Lower Mall to flood year after year.  With the historically dry weather, it seems like it was time to act as a crew and get those catch basins running again.  Bob Khella, Roger Badesha and Foti Alexiou, under the leadership of Mike Giannias, did an awesome job shutting down the road, controlling traffic and coordinating with the hydro excavator contractor.

The Municipal Group stepped up and came up with a safe and thoughtful plan to protect the cherry blossom trees that so many people enjoy year after year in the spring and get those catch basins running again.

EAOS needs your help validating the asset list

Thank you to the managers, heads and sub-heads for attending the sessions to review the list of systems and equipment we operate and maintain.  Together, we have come up with a comprehensive list and assigned ownership and the prime service provider.  The Asset List will help all Building Operations department build plans and maintain assets more proactively.  We will post the list of items we came up with together in the sessions, in the hallway.

Please take some time to look at the list and we ask for 3 specific items of feedback:

  1. Do we have all the systems and equipment listed?
  2. Do we have the correct owner?
  3. Do we have the correct prime service provider (lead trade)?

The Asset List will posted along the USB hallway across the Tool Crib.  Please feel free to stop by and look at the list.  They will be posted for 3 weeks starting Monday, July 27.

Building Operations donates $2500 to Habitat for Humanity to help build affordable housing

Habitat for Humanity is excited to announce that six new homes, each with rental suites, will be commenced in Richmond this fall.  This means that 12 new Partner Families will experience the joy and stability of a safe and decent home.  Our donation has a direct impact on Habitat for Humanity`s ability to end the cycle of poverty for hard-working families.

Want to learn new healthy recipes?

UBC Health and Wellbeing added a page in their website offering faculty and staff healthy UBC recipes.  This healthy eating program features the recipes of Stephanie Dang from UBC’s School of Food Nutrition and Health.  This week’s featured recipe is the Tofu Bento Bowl.  Visit the website for other featured recipes and eat healthy.

Carefully dispose of butts and ashes in these dry conditions

A discarded cigarette caused a shrub fire on campus recently and highlights how little it takes for a fire to start in these extremely dry conditions. With an extreme fire rating in place, smokers should carefully dispose of butts and ashes in non-flammable locations. The entire UBC community needs to be aware of spark and ignition sources as we anticipate these restrictions will continue for the rest of summer.

As always, if you see fire or safety risk, please put in a service request or contact the Building Operations Service Centre at 604.822.2173 to report the issue.


Quick Updates

Congratulations to Tim Beattie for completing his electrical apprenticeship

NPS score remained at 84%; 4 new promotors, 1 detractor.

Joining UBC: Matthew Shew

Leaving UBC: Brett Balmer, Gene Boado, Mike Chapman, Ana Poleski and Larry Schofield