July 31, 2015

Top Stories

Campus Security taking our after-hours service calls starting August 4

Historically, the Power House handled Building Operations’ urgent after-hour calls.  Because of the decommissioning of the old Power House,  Building Operations has been working with Campus Security over the last several months to prepare their department in handling these calls.  Effective Tuesday, August 4, at 5:30 PM, all urgent Building Operations’ service calls will be routed to Campus Security.

5 Red Oaks to be removed on Main Mall August 15th

Tree locations maps and photos

To maintain a safe campus, Building Operations will be removing 5 of the Red Oak trees on Main Mall.  In  the fall, once the conditions are optimal for the trees, we will be planting appropriately-sized replacement Red Oaks in their place.

We’re working with our colleagues in Campus and Community Planning to try a new approach to communicating high-impact tree removals/replacements. As of yesterday, you’ll see signs on Main Mall marking the affected trees. The signs will stay in place until the trees are replaced in the fall.

To find out more information about our campus’ trees, please visit planning.ubc.ca/trees

UBC water consumption drops after stage 3 restrictions

Water Consumption

Energy and Water Services reported that UBC’s water consumption dropped  by 6% after Stage 3 restrictions went into effect.  A total reduction of 50.6 million liters over the last 3 weeks compared to the week of June 30 – July 6.

Metro Vancouver had set a target of cutting water use to no more than 1.2 billion liters of water per day when it declared stage 3 on July 20.  If consumption can be held to no more than the target, it is estimated that the reservoirs will have enough water to meet demand even if no rain falls until November.

Stage 3 water restrictions remain in effect

Last weekend’s rains helped reduce daily water consumption but did little to replenish Metro Vancouver’s reservoirs.  Stage 3 water restrictions banning lawn watering and car washing remain in effect.  Learn more about our water shortage response plan here.

Remember to put in a service request or contact the Service Centre at 604.822.2173 to report fire hazards or safety risks.

Asset List posted along the USB hallway

Please take some time to look at the Asset List posted across the Tool Crib, and provide feedback on these items:

  1. Do we have all the systems and equipment listed?
  2. Do we have the correct owner?
  3. Do we have the correct prime service provider (lead trade)?

Your feedback matters and we appreciate hearing from you.


UBC’s 2014-2015 Annual Report launched this week at annualreport.ubc.ca

Each year, UBC draws together an annual report to communicate its progress through a mix of storytelling and metrics. This year’s report features nine stories that exemplify the achievements of our students, faculty, staff and alumni as they support the nine commitments of the university’s strategic plan, Place and Promise.

President Gupta thanked everyone at both campuses for providing him with perspective and wisdom over the past year.  Ideas for new ways of working focused on areas such as data integration, organizational efficiencies and increasing UBC’s in-house consulting capacity.  A review committee led by the Provost’s offices from Vancouver and the Okanagan will consider the suggestions in detail.

Quick Updates

NPS score increased 2 points to 86% with 7 new promoters.