June 18, 2015

Top stories

Job well done to those who worked on the annual feeder shutdown on June 13

Kudos to all who worked tirelessly to perform preventive maintenance on the high voltage building service switches at 8 major locations.  With the superb coordination of Marcus, Stan and Mo, the shutdown was without major hiccups.

This is another testament to work excellence and expertise of the following:

Site Coordination: Marcus Drozdzik

Temporary Power: Mo Infanti, Scott Kerr, Mike Carpenter, Andy Afendoulis, Michael Reese, Case McMaster, Dan Strikaitis, Robin Gorrie and Lauchlan Hay

Fire Alarms: Mark Powers

Elevators: Derrick Hill and Paul Sahota

Generators: Dan Jamieson

Refrigeration: Prakash Shastri

Plumbing/Fire Protection: Andrew Allan

CAIT: Kevin Hyunh

Labourers: Foti Alexiou, Rick Mitchell, Jas Badesha and George Bisson

High Voltage Work: Stan Takenaka, Rob Schwarz, Cory Turnquist, Ray Connell, Aleks Vasilev, Peter Lincoln, Tim Beattie, Mike Paley, Dariusz Jaworski, Fred Stander, Paul Tees, Vinesh Harakh, Tony Afendoulis, Naval Aery and Kevin Wong

Awesome job, guys!

Stores changes counter hours effective immediately

Stores counter hours are changing from 7:30 am-4:30 pm. This change will allow Stores to have better coverage during the peak transaction times and reduce the number of times we have to change the counter hours.

After hours emergency access can still be provided by campus security at 2-2222. Please add this change as a crew talk topic for the crews you manage and ensure staff impacted by this change are able to plan their shift and get the items they require prior to the 4:30 pm closure.

Kudos to the team who worked on the Life Sciences Strobic motor and damper replacement

The repair of the stobic fan and the replacement of the damper was a project well-coordinated by Jeff Smith with the assistance from Greig Samodien.  The labourers were terrific in clearing the LSC roof of debris and materials, setting up scaffolding, and helping the crane operators demobilize which saved the university $500 plus.  The team of CAITs, electricians, millwrights, sheet metal workers, operating engineers, BMS engineers and refrigeration mechanics were exceptional in their efforts to make the project run smoothly.

This is a testament to the great work and effort, proficiency and skill of:

Labourers: Nick Kavouras and Jaspal Thiara

Millwrights: Mark Lindsay, Bryan Archibald, Brett Balmer, Raphael Sicilia

Electricians: Robert Stone, Brent Hannah and Kevin Wong

CAIT: Dimitri Kavouras

Operating Engineers: Lee McCormick, Ethan Zarb, Will Godbout and Mikhail Cañete

BMS Engineers: Tino Moscato and Joel Decolongon

Sheet Metal Workers: Dan Defend, Sergio Ferino and Raymond Lum

UBC Campus known as target-rich environment in the property crime circle

A fresh new crop of Subjects have learned that UBC is a good place to shop for easily fenced goods, wallets, etc. Some of these are well-known to Campus Security from years gone by, but many of these are new to UBC.

Descriptions of some Subjects will be posted on the digital monitors.  Keep an eye out for these Subjects or for anyone acting suspiciously and report immediately by calling the 24-hour dispatch number 604-822-2222.

Any crime in progress or imminent risk of injury to any person should be reported through 911.  It is a great advantage to know the address you are reporting an incident about when speaking to a Police Dispatcher.

Quick updates

  • Paper towel and soap dispenser installs to begin late June
  • NPS score decreased to 82% with 63 valid responses.
  • Joining UBC: Jason Ram, Lindsey Button and Andre Schmidt
  • Leaving UBC: Harvey Tabin, Stephen Quinn
  • Shawn Riberdy and wife welcomes baby girl