June 9, 2016

Top Stories

Leadership development program update: staff workshops on June 14th

Following on the successful heads and sub-head meetings yesterday, there will be workshops held next week for any staff to attend. This is your opportunity to help shape the leadership training for our future so come participate. Sessions will be held on June 14th from Noon – 1:00 pm and 1:00 – 2:00 pm, in LMRS conference room 122.

If you are interested in attending, talk to your Head to make sure work can be accommodated and then sign up outside of HR so we have an idea of numbers.

Newsletter schedule changing to Tuesdays

We heard you! Some of you asked for the newsletter to be shared earlier in the week and we think that makes sense too. Starting next week, the newsletter will be sent on Tuesdays.

Town Hall Recap: new positions created for system owner and purchaser

As discussed at the town hall, keeping campus spaces performing properly is our number one job. We need System Owners that are accountable for the condition of the systems and can then plan the best operating, maintenance and capital renewal plans to ensure all of our spaces last for as long as possible for the lowest total cost. We also need to improve our processes around planning and scheduling, tracking work effort and ensuring that our teams have access to timely material and tools.

This week we are moving forward with two new positions to support the EAOS initiative:

A new CUPE position has been created for a Purchaser and the posting will be up in the next few days. The Purchaser will work closely with the crew heads to help secure timely materials and act as a liaison between the Shops and Stores.

Marian Lis will be taking on a new role temporarily as the Mechanical System Owner. Marian will begin building some recipes to ensure that we are providing suitable operating and maintenance routines to get the best out of our systems.  Marian will work closely with Jason White, Mechanical Technical Specialist, Peter Mcloughlin and Greig Samodien, People and Process Managers and all of the mechanical heads to execute the recipes.

Steamfitter Apprentice Program welcomes Henry Chow and Quinten Benedetti

The newly revised steamfitter apprentice program is ready to welcome Henry and Quinten to their new career paths. Thank you to everyone for your patience on this, especially the candidates that went through the process.  It was not easy to select from a phenomenal group of applicants.

High voltage feeder shutdown (12F26) scheduled on Saturday, June 11, 8AM – Noon

A scheduled shutdown on Saturday, June 11 from 8am – noon will affect electrical feed to USB.

At the end of your work day on Friday, please shut off all work computers to avoid damage from a possible power surge. The Wellness Centre will not be available during the shutdown.

Wesbrook Now Occupied

Building occupants from Bio Sciences North and Centre buildings are moving into Wesbrook, while the BioScience renew project is underway. Wesbrook is going to generate some new work for our teams to manage, including custodial care and building maintenance. We can expect an increase of service requests as our clients move into their new home.

During this transition, the Green Zone buildings of COPP/Cunningham/Wesbrook will be overseen by the Blue Zone FM, Jason Wright. The Green Zone trades will continue to maintain these buildings under the current zone model. This is a temporary change for the duration of the 18 month project, expected to finish in early 2018.

UBC Census – 113 Building Ops people completed online so far – thank you!

UCount-303x350UBC Census is under way–have you completed the census yet? It only takes a few minutes and you can do it from home the same way you look up your pay information [log in via http://msp.ubc.ca/ and then click the U Count at UBC box]. Paper copies will be coming to a crew talk near you soon if you don’t want to do it online. Remember it is mandatory that you fill it out but it is your choice to answer the questions (although answering the questions is really really helpful so the University can provide the right support and programs for all of us).

This week’s special feature…the Facilities Managers

Facility-Managers-2016 (002)

Space performance is our way to enable top tier research and teaching at UBC. Our Facilities Managers (FMs) play a pivotal role in space performance. From supporting maintenance and construction initiatives to facilitating and triaging customer requests, FMs minimize the impact of these activities for our customers.

When our customers have an issue, need, or emergency, the first thing they do is call their Facilities Manager. FMs help assess and translate customer needs to the rest of our Building Operations team. They are often first-responder on emergencies and facilitate smooth clean up and repair process. FMs also have their eyes on the condition of systems and equipment and provide information to develop long term maintenance plans.

Through constant communication with our customers, including faculties and department heads, FMs are able to assist in planning and resolving building system issues. Through collaboration with project services, trades staff, zone staff and clients, FMs follow up on routine and project work and can effectively plan service shutdowns.

By coordinating spaces and maintaining open communication with our customers and on-campus partners, FM’s perform a myriad of roles. But if you want to know more please reach out to an FM and they will be happy to discuss this further with you. They are the oil in gears of UBC departments and Building Operations. They walk a fine line in minimizing impact and help achieve healthy assets and functional spaces that makes UBC such a great place.

Use of lockers in wellness centre change rooms are short-term only

Many staff and students visit USB to use the Wellness Centre’s services and facilities. Recently, visitors are unable to use the change room lockers to secure their belongings, as the lockers are being permanently occupied by staff. Staff are welcome to use the lockers on a short term basis only. We ask that all personal locks and locker contents be removed by 3:30 pm on Friday, June 17th. Any remaining locks and locker contents will be removed and available for pick up in the Risk Management Services Office the following week.

Transit Fare Policy Review – have your say

You are invited to provide input on Translink’s current review of the transit fare policy – the framework that determines how much you pay to ride transit across Metro Vancouver. Take the survey and have your say! Learn more.

Quick Updates

New sexual assault policy for faculty, staff and student, visit http://broadcastemail.ubc.ca/

NPS score increased to 81% — 7 new promoters and 1 new detractor.

Welcome to UBC: Nikki Gaulton, Nicholas Pindred, Andrew Houghton, William Bogas, Alisdair Rothnie, Bivenly Cayad-an, Sammy Chen, Parm Ubhi, Robert Mason

SW Marine Drive from Stadium Road to University Blvd closed for paving June 9th, 7:30 am – 7:00 pm

Leaving UBC: Lou Maznik