March 19, 2015

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New building etiquette: always talk to a transition team member

As various staff are go onsite at UBC’s newest buildings, they should always be accompanied by a transition team member.  Please remember to observe the following:

  • Note any concerns or issues (deficiencies or inconsistencies with technical guidelines) and pass them on directly to a transition team member.
  • Please do not directly engage on-site personnel unless arranged by a transition team member.
  • Observe all site safety regulations as per site training.

To make this as easy as possible, all transition team contact information, documents, and presentations are now being kept at

Quick response leads to arrest in attempted sexual assault at Totem Park

UBC would like to acknowledge the caring actions of the UBC community that alerted them to an incident near Totem Park Residence before 1 am  in the morning of March 18. RCMP and Campus Security quickly arrived at the scene and apprehended a suspect. The arrested suspect faces charges of attempted sexual assault and assault of a police officer.  RCMP have confirmed this incident is unrelated to the 2013 sexual assaults at UBC or the recent assault at south campus in February.

This incident serves as a timely reminder of the importance of taking safety precautions, such as paying attention to your surroundings, looking out for your classmates and colleagues, and calling police via 9-1-1 in an emergency or Campus Security at 604-822-2222 if you see anything suspicious. In this case, the timely interventions of the UBC campus community led to a safe outcome.  Those who proactively intervened to help a fellow community member are applauded.

For information on personal security resources and programs, including SafeWalk, Blue Phones, please visit the security website.

Business in Vancouver asks: will laptops replace new buildings at UBC?

Columnist Peter Ladner writes…

“Every time I visit UBC and see all those cranes relentlessly lifting new academic buildings into place, I wonder, “Why do they need all these buildings? Why do students keep coming out here, paying ever-higher tuition fees, when they could stay home and learn the same things from better professors, online, for free?”

The accepted wisdom is that there’s going to be a big shakeout in the number of higher educational institutions in North America, including in B.C., as these technological changes tighten their grip on the laggards. Some say the survivors will be the high-profile campuses with great reputations, or others that, like successful businesses, find niche markets.”

Read more at Business in Vancouver.

Quick updates

  • NPS decreased to 83% with 36 responses: All zones are exceeding NPS benchmark
  • Welcome Thomas Davis, new sheet metal worker
  • Orchard Commons and old SUB are being heavily patrolled by Parking: please park appropriately