March 5, 2015

Top stories

EAOS Fact Finding Sessions open to all at buildingoperations.

Eaos Fact Finding sessions are running from the 4th through the 10th. Anyone is welcome to join, however we have set up specific sessions for groups. So, if you want to provide information please let the EAOS team know ASAP by sending an email to, sign up at, or contact Pearle Tuason ASAP.


Campus security’s tips for protecting assets & general building security available on

We’re all a bit more aware of personal and building security since the break-in at USB.  To help us, Campus Security have given us some tips to help us be more vigilant about our personal and building safety. The tips are stored in our Staff tab at


UBC wants your participation in the transit vote

The upcoming Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plebiscite (also referred to as the transit referendum) will give Metro Vancouver residents a chance to vote on a proposed funding source—a new sales tax dedicated to many new regional transportation investments—that aims to decrease congestion by providing people with improved transportation choices. Learn more about the vote on UBC’s transport site.



Quick updates


  • Orchard Commons and area around old SUB are being heavily patrolled by Parking: please park appropriately
  • UBC is hosting facilities tours on March 9th for IFMA Conference delegates
  • NPS remained at 83% with 50 responses: 48 promoters, 2 detractors