May 21, 2015

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Bright Ideas has started to work For us: 10 bright ideas so far

We have received about ten ideas through our bright ideas mailbox. We’re still working on the program… but so far, our first steps are:

  1. We have an email at
  2. We have a webpage at
  3. Every submission gets a response directly for the senior leader who is closest to the work…  so far that has mostly been Karyn.
  4. We try to work the general answers into existing communications such as Crew Talks, the current Town Halls, or this newsletter.

In the future, as we get a feel for the volume of ideas and the level of sharing people want, we’ll develop more tools and tracking so people can see what’s coming in and what the answers look like.

Do you have more ideas and solutions? Keep sending them to

The new SUB receives Provision Partial Occupancy

The majority of the new SUB is ready for use, though the Pit Pub, Perch restaurant, Council Chambers, clubs resource centre, and child minding centre are still works in progress.

Newly paved roads are an investment in our assets

You’ve probably noticed some beautiful new paving around campus. Taking advantage of the DES construction trench repair work, Building Ops invested some money to increase the scope of the work from a trench repair to a full width grind and overlay. This will improve the condition of the road, reduce maintenance costs, and increase the life of the road asset. The added benefit is that it creates a nicer rolling surface for bikes, skateboards, and cars—and it look nice too.

Explore our current state of asset management (part III)

Building Operations’ EAOS project has just completed a review of the current state of asset management in Building Operations. From all the valuable information gathered, the EAOS team has posted the updated version of the documents along the hallway by the Centre.  Please take some time to review it as it contains updates from all shops.

Each week, for the next four weeks, EAOS will share a high-level summary of 3 of the 12 areas we examined in the Current State Analysis:

  1. Customer Expectations
  1. Contractual Obligations
  1. Scheduling

You’ll find the full Current State Analysis in the main hallway of the USB or you can review our more comprehensive summary online.

Quick updates

  • NPS Score decreased to 81%; with 45 responses – 5 new promoters and 1 new detractor
  • Leaving UBC: Brian England