May 28, 2015

Top stories

Accident/Incidents are on the rise in the month of May

Historically, there is an increase in accident/incidents during the summer vacation period from May to August.  Please discuss with your crew ways on how to keep the accident rate from increasing.  Anticipate and adjust to workplace hazards.

Remember, safety first!

Kudos to the plumbers, utility workers and custodians for their quick response to the flooding incident in Biosciences

Flooding occurred on the second floor of the Biosciences Centre Building last May 22nd.  There was a good clean-up response from plumbers, utility workers and custodians.  The localized 3’x3′ asbestos ceiling on the first floor was abated to prevent debris from falling to the floor.

We received special thanks from the Dean of Science appreciating all we do. Way to go guys!

Building Operations Service Centre will be open from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm starting June 15

We are extending our hours to better align with the University’s business hours as well as to provide better customer service to the campus community by allowing faculties, departments and students to now submit requests for service until 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Marie Newell is the successful applicant for the 1 year leave replacement position in the Service Centre and her hours of work will be from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm to accommodate the change to our service hours. Marie starts on June 1st and will be training until June 12th. Some of you may know Marie who until very recently worked in Custodial Services as the Clerk III. Please drop by and say hello as Marie gets oriented to her new role.

What’s next in EAOS? Asset Information

After reviewing and analyzing valuable response from the participants, the work to be performed has been prioritized.  The first goal that the team will work on is Asset Information.  Scope for this package of work is being developed.

Explore our current state of asset management (part IV)

Building Operations’ EAOS project has just completed a review of the current state of asset management in Building Operations. From all the valuable information gathered, the EAOS team has posted the updated version of the documents along the hallway by the Centre.  Please take some time to review it as it contains updates from all shops.

Each week, for the next four weeks, EAOS will share a high-level summary of 3 of the 12 areas we examined in the Current State Analysis:

  1. Tracking System
  1. Software System
  1. Key Performance Indicators

You’ll find the full Current State Analysis in the main hallway of the USB or you can review our more comprehensive summary online.

Know your numbers at the 2nd annual heart health screening fair

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death for Canadian men and women.  It’s important to understand your risk factors and key prevention strategies.

The Centre for Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing is proud to partner with The Pharmacists Clinic to offer the 2nd annual Heart Health Screening Fair on June 3 and 4.

As part of this free heart health fair, participants will receive the following confidential services:

  • blood pressure measurement
  • Body Mass Index and waist measurement
  • cholesterol measurement (a small finger prick)
  • calculation of heart disease risk (Framingham Score)
  • counseling and interpretation of results
  • recommendations to optimize your heart health.
  • total appointment time is 15 – 20 minutes

For more information or to register, contact Linda Roseborough.

United Way of Lower Mainland Campaign training sessions are open for registration

If you are interested in learning more on campaigning for United Way, sign-up for these training sessions:

  • Campaign Strategies, June 17 or 25: Learn the best practices of United Way campaigns while connecting with other volunteers to glean from their success.
  • United Way 360°, June 18 or 24: See what we’ve been doing in your community lately. You’ll get invaluable information that you can use to inspire your colleagues.
  • RevUp!, September 18: Get your campaign engine started at our popular volunteer kick-off with an inspirational guest speaker and sector-specific training.

Join the UBC Staff Jet Pull Team!

United Way of the Lower Mainland has organized an event on June 6th where teams of 15 people would pull a UPS Boeing 757 plane down the tarmac at YVR while raising funds for United Way. Each team needs to raise at least $600 and could have 15 people pulling the plane ($40 each). More people can join and help with fundraising and attend the event, but cannot be part of the pulling team.

Our 2015 campaign Chair Winnie Ng and Vice-Chair Jodi Scott has taken a lead and created the UBC Staff Team. They are encouraging all of you to consider joining this fun event. Use this link to participate and get your friends to donate to you. Anyone can join! The first 15 people who raise $40 will pull the plane.

This is a family friendly event with many activities and a BBQ. Donors are more than welcome to join and encourage the team.

Learn more details on the FAQ page or visit the UBC United Way website.

Hope to see you there!

Want to work as a campaign associate for United Way?

Participate in a truly unique professional development opportunity while giving back to your community as a United Way Campaign Associate previously known as Loaned Representative. Learn valuable new skills during a fun, action-packed 16-week period in the fall and help United Way raise funds to support over 500 programs and initiatives across the Lower Mainland. Being a Campaign Associate can be life-changing but what won’t change is the terms of your employment – same pay, benefits, and vacation and seniority accrual.

Campaign Associate job postings is now open on UBC HR Website under Job ID 20795 . You can apply for this secondment until June 10, 2015.  Learn more about the position at the United Way website.

Search for the vice-president of external relations and communications is underway

It was announced that the search for a new Vice-President of External Relations and Communications is underway.  As stated in President Arvind Gupta’s announcement, “In addition to capturing responsibilities of the previous Communications and Community Partnership portfolio related to government, community and corporate relations; public affairs, communications and marketing; ceremonies and events, the role is being expanded to include:

  • UBC Campus and Community Planning
  • an integrated communication model across the central administration
  • establishment of a welcoming “gateway” to facilitate relationships with external stakeholders across a range of important areas including innovation, experiential learning, continuing and professional education.”

Quick updates

  • Joining UBC: Mikhail Cañete
  • NPS Score increased to 83%; with 37 responses – 8 new promoters
  • Leaving UBC: Terry Pape