May 5, 2016

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Town Halls start next week with time for Q&A… so start preparing now

Town Hall

Our Town Halls are coming. We have heard that some people would like more opportunities for Q&As. For a while we’ve been trying to get the Q&A portion to happen in our crew talks, where people can have a better discussion, more focused to their area. But I’ve learned from our recent communications snapshot that we have some more work to do before the crew talks can work that way. So, to bridge the gap I’d like to add a brief Q&A segment to our upcoming town halls.

To make the short time we have available for Q&A’s effective, here are some tips to make the few questions we can address count:

  1. Prepare in advance

    Asking good questions is about preparation. Start by understanding the agenda for the meeting and prepare your thoughts and questions on those issues—that’s what the speaker will be ready to answer.
  2. Pick the one item that’s most important to you

    Once you know the agenda well, narrow down the questions you want to ask to a single question. If a single question really masks four or five questions, you won’t get a good usable answer. You have a direct role in the quality of the answer you receive; keep your question focused and relevant.
  3. Write out your chosen question and practice

    If you’re not used to speaking in front of a large group, a practice and something to refer to can really help you be heard. Otherwise you’ll keep others in the audience who are ready with their question from having a turn.
  4. Introduce yourself—then ask the question

    If it is your turn, remember to respectfully greet the speaker and start your question by clearly stating your name and your role on the team. This will provide everyone with important context and to give you the respect of being spoken to directly by name.
  5. It can be tough to talk in a large crowd
    Some questions can affect the tone of the group. The best thing to do is to ignore any comments and carefully focus on your question, regardless of the reaction of those around you. The speaker will be trying just as hard to listen and be responsive to you, so stay focused.
  6. Follow up and make connections
    It can be hard to get the answer you need in a big room with limited time. Don’t hesitate to follow up afterwards. Building Operations runs on the connections we make across the team. Reach out and connect with others and find the information you need to do the best job you can.

Millwrights hard at work at the BRDF Plant Semi-Annual Shutdown

Twice a year, BRDF shuts down for maintenance work. Scope of the work includes:

  • removing existing damaged screw auger
  • replace, weld and fit new centre bearing
  • remove existing seal packing to modify and machine to a new “Durashield” (air assisted) seal
  • refit gearbox and drive mechanism
  • remove, rebuild and replace airlock unit.

Bravo guys….and to all who helped with the shutdown.


Watch a free webinar on how other universities are tackling EAOS’ issues.

plan-more-react-less-laptopWe’re not the only university who is facing mounting financial liabilities from aging infrastructure, a growing campus, increased complexity of systems, and increased intensity of space usage. Our answer is EAOS… which is going to ensure we have the right people, processes and tools to make good decisions and do our work efficiently and effectively.

Penn State and Brown University are tackling similar issues. Watch this great presentation to learn how they’re rising to the challenge (hint – it sounds exactly like what we are doing with EAOS).

Annual Golf Tournament on June 4th is full – pay now to keep your spot

12e7f403da0d3482f89654f40203bc04Building Operations’ number 1 social event is completely full and all set to on June 4th. Guaranteed to be sunny (hopefully, quite likely) and super fun (absolutely, most definitely).

Make sure you get your payment to Steve in the Tool Crib by the end of the week or else we will start giving your space away to those on the waiting list.


Want coffee? Complete the survey and have your say by May 15

We are still accepting responses until May 15. Come to USB reception for a printed copy of the survey or go online. Have your say…and a cup of coffee….

Do any of these belong to you?

These items were removed the equipment lockers in the north end of USB back in January 2016. Please contact April Wong to claim your items. All unclaimed items will be disposed from storage after May 20, 2016.


Get fit for free with UBC Recreation’s Free Week, May 14 – 20


UBC Recreation is offering faculty and staff a chance to try a variety of instructor-lead classes at no cost during Free Week, May 14 – 20.

Participants can drop-in any instructor-led class during Free Week with no experience and no registration needed. With over 50 classes to choose from, there’s an opportunity for everyone to try something new.

Learn more.

Quick Updates

SW Marine Drive from Stadium Road to University Blvd closed for paving May 11 – 13

University Blvd Westbound from Blanca to Wesbrook Mall closed for paving, May 11 – 13

NPS decreased 1 point to 80%.

Welcome to UBC: Manpreet Bains, Dave Badcock, Bruno Dettling, Luke Peterson

Leaving UBC: Manjit Kandola