November 12, 2015

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Will you be this year’s emcee at the Building Ops Holiday Lunch?

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Plumbers take pride in repairing the main water station

IMG_0636Under a tight timeline, with a large task at hand, Dave Wenzel, Paul McLaughlin, Sean Roe and Alan Zarkovic worked feverishly last October 24, to make significant repairs to the main water station for the Pulp and Paper building. The work was efficiently scheduled and organized prior to the shutdown then executed with precision. The building is now back to regular operating standing and not back fed from a nearby hydrant. Thanks guys!


Utility Workers brightens up Beaty Whale.

2015-11-10 10.54.33Utility Workers took the opportunity to change several burnt out lights at Beaty Biodiversity Museum while the contractors who installed the whale was cleaning it up.  Now the whale is not only clean but everyone can see it!

Sheetmetal renews design of Chan Centre Hand-wash station

Sheet Metal and the Glaziers recently took on a capital renewal of one of the more significant pieces of industrial design work at the Chan Centre; the women’s washroom  hand-wash station. Designed by architect Bing Tom, the unit is the focal point of the washroom’s interior design. Having reached the end of its service life, it required a refit of the glass counters and steel counter support system. Sheet Metal Head tradesman Dan Defend, along with glaziers Jim McKay, and Dan Myers came up a renewal plan that improved the quality and lifespan of the unit, while still maintaining the integrity of the design. Glazier Dan Myers and Sheet Metalman Tom Dobko implemented the planned refit with the assistance of Project Coordinator Jeff Smith.

Excellent work gentlemen!

Dan Myers left and Tom Dobko right.




Our data collection team is achieving amazing timelines in their first mission to gather asset data on BPVs. Their efforts in this need to be commended!
They only started collecting a week ago! Total assets collected during this time: 80.  EIGHTY!   Round of applause!

Updated list of buildings served by the DES as of November 12 is now available

Check out the latest DES update to know which buildings are running on the district energy hotwater heating system and which buildings will be coming online soon.

Shutdown update

Goals  for the shutdown enhancement project include streamlining the number of approvers required to approve a shutdown and to update the requirements for a shutdown. To do this the shutdown project team is currently discussing the requirement to have a fire protection impairment procedure as well as a hot work and dust program in order to follow industry best practices. An example of where we may not require a shutdown will be when the Fire and Life Safety crew are needed to disable 1 or 2 fire alarm devices in a building. These procedures will also ensure there are clear guidelines that can be communicated to contractors on safety protocols that have to be adhered to. The team is also looking at categorizing shutdowns to reduce approvers.

Quick Updates

Joining UBC: Graeme Pickwell, Frederick Bushor, Federico Cayabyab, Eleanor Dayan, Irvin Cabelin, Christine Reyes, Ferdinand Canlas, Sean Mcgregor, Joselito Frigilana

NPS scored decreased to 85%, with 1 new promoter.

Reminder: 2015 Staff Excellence Awards Nominations are open until November 20.