November 15, 2016

Top Stories

Thursday, November 17, is your last chance to get your flu shot

2881_UBCFluPoster_FloorGraphic_1011For those who weren’t able to get out to a flu clinic last week, you’re still in luck. There will be an encore flu clinic only open to Building Ops and SHHS staff this week.

Thursday, November 17

6:30 a.m. until noon

USB Room 042B

Remember, the flu can spread quickly on campus because we work, study and socialize so closely. Getting the flu shot is your best protection against catching and spreading the flu.

Let us know of any issues with PARC@UBC Library

There will be a “1yr Warranty and Performance Review” for PARC@ UBC Library, Building 769. This meeting reviews any outstanding warranty items, building performance, etc.

Please tell your Head (or Doug Corkery) of any concerning deficiencies, general building performance, and any issues you have become aware of over the last year.

Teams contribute to the UBC Remembers event

On Friday, the UBC Remembrance Day service attracted hundreds of people to campus.

Thanks to the many teams–including the labour crew, custodial team of storekeeper and staff members, the utility workers and James Bellavance–for their coordination and team spirit before, during and after the event. This was a great success!

Professor Ono tweeted this photo which shows the scale of the event.


Faculty of Pharm Sci invites Trades for lunch to show appreciation

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences hosted a ‘thank you’ lunch for Teal and Green Zone Trades and their FMs, to show their appreciation of all the hard work that goes into the daily operation of the building. Pharm Sci has complex building systems and the faculty’s research depends in part on our FM and trades timely response to service requests. The Pharm Sci Operations team, the faculty’s Director of Finance, and the Associate Dean of Research all expressed words of thanks to the trades and customer services team for their support.


FYI schedule work around Classroom Maintenance Dates

In an effort to assist with planning and being proactive below are some constraining dates to get work done. More details at

Last day of class: Dec 2, 2016 (Available Monday, Dec 5)

Exams Start: Dec 6, 2016 (Available Thursday, Dec 22)

Exams End: Dec 21, 2016 (Available Friday, Dec 23)

Do you have an eye for detail? Spot the Risks for November

Take a look at the photo for the November edition of “Spot the Risks.” During your shop talks, identify as many risks as you see in the photo below. For every risk/problem identified, your shop will receive 1 point. Submit answers via email to Alex Bradshaw by November 30th, when the responses will be tallied and points awarded. Remember, the shop with the most points at the end of the year wins a prize!


Quick Updates

Professor Ono will be installed as the 15th President & Vice-Chancellor on Tuesday, November 22

Convocation Ceremonies at Chan Centre on November 23, 24 & 25

Building Ops Annual Charity Dart Tournament begins first week of December

NPS score increased to 81% with 4 new promoters.

Welcome to UBC – Todd McQuaid, Colton Sapach, Raj Khella, Jay Hiscox & Patrick Wong

United Way 50/50 tickets for sale. See Guy (Asbestos Management) for tickets for the November 17 draw

Reminder Nominations are open for the 2016 Building Ops Staff Excellence Awards