November 26, 2015

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Building Operations celebrates the season to be jolly!

Christmas newsletter

Dart Tournament — sign up with Martin by November 27th


The annual Building Operations dart tournament is just around the corner.  Sign up with Martin Varma in the Carpentry shop before November 27th.  No experience necessary — if you are a beginner you will be paired with a more experienced player to balance the teams.  All proceeds going to charity.  Come out and take part in this great tradition or at least plan to come and cheer/heckle.  Games start December 7th.

**Attention Smart Car Users**

Our Smart car sharing program has now been in place for one year and has dramatically increased the utilization of these vehicles and has allowed 5 times the number of staff to have access to a vehicle.

As a reminder to re-iterate some of the key principles for the continued success in a sharing program see below…

1. Please return the key to the cabinet when your trip has been completed. We want to ensure unit keys are not sitting on desks making the unit unavailable to other potential users. We have seen many examples where there are 4 or 5 cars in the lot, but no keys in the system. In addition to returning the key at the end of your trip. Please avoid taking a key hours in advance of your needed trip. We will continue to monitor utilization of this fleet segment and add units as necessary.
2. Inspections will need to be performed with each time you sign out a vehicle and submitted to the box below the key system or the garage.
3. Please ensure you plug in the charging nozzle when you return the vehicle under a 50% charge.
4. Please ensure you do not leave any personal items in the vehicle when returning the key as these are shared vehicles.
5. Please remove any garbage, tools or other items you bring into the vehicle.

What does this picture of Sauder Students raising funds for BC Children’s hospital have to do with Building Ops?


Rob MacDonald along with Rob Sommerfeld and Chris Zorbakis helped make this event come alive by filling the dunk tank…as a team we enable some really interesting events on campus. Thanks to all involved.

Food Nutrition and Health Asset Collection has begun

EAOS meme 2

The asset collection pilot is off and running as Jeff & Bill work in the Food, Nutrition & Health Building. This pilot is exciting because will provide us with insight into how to best collect asset information campus-wide.

The second goal, roles & responsibilities, is getting some ground work laid down; we’ve started the discussions on who should own which system. Once we have the owners, we can answer questions like, “Why is this system important?”, “How do we keep it in service?”, “What do we need to operate it?”. We want to become a less reactive, more proactive department, and so clarifying roles & responsibilities is critical in making this happen.

Also, this just in: tomorrow is Friday.

Shutdown Enhancements

Attention Heads, Sub heads and all other Shutdown Requestors!
The shutdown enhancement project team needs your help in submitting shutdowns with meaningful information that will capture the attention of the lead and sub trades you require for your shutdowns.  We would like to implement a naming convention for the subject line of shutdowns – so that everyone is clear on what system needs to be shutdown.  Moving forward when you submit a shutdown in the subject line include the system being shutdown, the name of the building and the area affected – in that order

Example:  Electrical, University Services Building, Main Floor

UBC Featured in CBC’s the Fifth Estate about sexual assault and harassment on campus

Dr. Martha C. Piper, Interim President and Vice-Chancellor, released a broadcast message regarding CBC’s the fifth estate program episode about sexual assault and harassment on university campuses. She clearly stated that sexual violence is unacceptable and is not tolerated at UBC. Click here to read more on Dr. Martha C. Piper’s message.

The university recognizes that sexual assault can happen to anyone – not just our students.  Support resources for faculty and staff are available. In addition, there are general resources to support your safety on campus.

Updated list of buildings served by the DES as of November 23 is now available

Check out the latest DES updates to know which buildings are running on the district energy hot water heating system and which buildings will be coming online soon.

Exam Schedule available to help schedule maintenance work

Please refer to the 2015 December exam schedule to facilitate planning for maintenance and repairs in classroom and lecture theatres.

Quick Updates

Leaving UBC: Martina Tempel

Reminder…Staff Excellence Awards nominations are open until tomorrow, November 27

NPS score decreased to 83%; 4 new promoters, 3 new demoters.

Congratulations Fred Stander for the winning tickets to the Canucks vs. Flames game

Congratulations Martin Varma for winning the 50/50 Draw

Stores will be closing at 4PM this week