November 30, 2016

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Let’s set the record straight: Properly identify which Ponderosa Commons in Service Requests

There’s some confusion around the building names at Ponderosa. Help stop the madness! Please don’t use other nicknames, short forms, and cardinal directions for these buildings.

Ponderosa Commons – Phase 1 includes the following buildings: Audain Art Centre, Spruce House, Arbutus House and Maple House.

Ponderosa Commons – Phase 2 includes the following buildings: Oak House and Cedar House.

This is how Ponderosa Commons should be referred to in a Service Request.



Please refer to this map and familiarize yourself with the building names.


Do we need to expand our Smart Car Sharing Program? Remember to return keys to cabinet

Do you ever want to borrow a smart car but can’t find a key?  Our Smart car sharing program has now been in place for over two years and allows 6 times the number of staff to have access to a vehicle when needed—especially during wet and cold weather conditions.

Do we need to add more cars to the program?

We have seen many examples where there are 4 or 5 cars in the lot but no keys in the system. This makes it difficult to access cars if you need one. This discrepancy also makes it difficult for us to justify adding more cars to the car share program.


  • Pick up your key no more than an hour before your trip, and promptly return the key to the cabinet when your trip has been completed.
  • Inspect the car each time you sign out a vehicle.
  • Plug in the charging nozzle when you return the vehicle under a 50% charge.
  • These are shared vehicles, so please don’t leave behind any personal items, garbage, tools, etc.


Tips for Washing Equipment & Vehicles at the Materials Recovery Facility

We ask all users of the MRF Site wash area make every effort to wash in the designated area. This will help keep our storm water at South Campus clean and clear of any wash runoff.

  • Washing equipment and vehicles at the MRF Site is only permitted in the designated wash area.
  • Report to the yard operator for directions on where the correct wash area is located.
  • Ensure that the wash runoff drains to the oil/water separator for the yard, which is located on the right side as you enter the yard.

Your attention and cooperation to this process is both appreciated and required.

Custodial does a great job in preparation for President Ono and his father’s visit to Math

Professor Ono and his father visited the Math Department last week. To prepare for the visit, the custodial team made sure that the visit back to this special building was indeed special.

Here’s a thank-you note we received:

“…A special thank you to you and your team for making the extra effort to keep our building presentable for Dr Ono’s visit. Prof. Ono accompanied his father when he arrived at our building.  We took him to his old office in MATH 112 and it was spotless and the floor was shining.

They were all pretty excited to see his old office and reminisce about the days when he was here (that was the time that Prof. Ono was born), and he clearly remembered the office the way it was. They took a group photo along with Prof. Ono’s mother, aunt and uncle inside the office to commemorate this visit.

I am proud to say that I’m very pleased about the state of the room and am glad that you and your team made the effort to polish the floor (especially since it is now captured in a photo)!”

Thank you for another great job well done for Convocation ceremonies

Thank you to the Custodial and Municipal crews for another successful Convocation. Everything went off without a hitch. A special mention to Florante Navarra and his crew for having all deliveries done in such a tight time line, the addition of the President’s Installation made it a little more challenging this year.

Last Chance to Spot the Risks for November

Take a look at the photo for the November edition of “Spot the Risks.” During your shop talks, identify as many risks as you see in the photo below. For every risk/problem identified, your shop will receive 1 point. Submit answers via email to Alex Bradshaw by November 30th, when the responses will be tallied and points awarded. Remember, the shop with the most points at the end of the year wins a prize!


Take training to help improve privacy and information security at UBC, requests Prof. Ono

Important message from Professor Santa J. Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor (full version here):

“…Recent cyber security incidents at universities are reminders of the importance of privacy and information security both online and off. Keeping information safe is a shared responsibility. You are not only protecting the integrity of your own information, but also the security of the university at large.


  • Think before you click the link.
  • Take time to hover your mouse over any links.
  • If the URL looks strange, don’t click it.

Privacy and information security training is now available for all UBC faculty and staff to cover the basics of staying secure online. I ask that everyone make an effort to complete this training. To learn how you can help, and to enroll in the training, please visit”

Quick Updates

Animal care noise window January 16 – 28

Submit RSVP ticket stub for the Holiday Lunch and Dinner to your head or at USB Reception by Friday, December 2nd

Work with someone awesome? Nominate them for a Staff Excellence Award before Friday

1-hour domestic cold water shutdown at USB on December 3 from 11am-noon

NPS Score increased to 83%, with 8 new promoters

Welcome to UBC: Krystal Han