November 8, 2016

Top Stories

Issues with the Student Engineering Centre? Let us know today

This Wednesday, November 9th, there will be a “1yr Warranty and Performance Review” for the Student Engineering Centre. This meeting reviews any outstanding warranty items, building performance, etc.

If you haven’t communicated any issues to your Head concerning deficiencies, general building performance, and any problems or issues you have become aware of over the last year, please send them now to Douglas Corkery.

We know it’s short notice, but send your feedback right now so that relevant issues can be tabled at the Nov.9th meeting.

FYI Customer Services and Finance swap office space

Finance has graciously agreed to a space swap with Customer Services. The FM’s and Construction office will move into the Finance space on the second floor in USB. The Finance team will move into LMRS.

Paul Hays and Dave Wenzel are leading this project for us. More details and dates to come.

What does this mean for you? In a few months you’ll save you time when you need to drop by and see an FM or PC since they will be right in USB on the second floor.

Orchard Commons demos give us a head start

It was a busy week at Orchard Commons. Last week, we had great in-depth knowledge transfer sessions between the designers & builders and the operational & maintenance groups.

These demos are a good example of delivering on Trade crews’ requests for more in-depth demonstrations when new buildings are handed over to us.

More than 30 employees from Building Ops and SHHS attended the Design Intent System Overview demo on Tuesday, and another in-depth system-focused demo on Thursday.

Stay tuned for these upcoming Orchard Commons demos:

  • A full 4hr BMS Controls Systems in-depth training session
  • Fire Life Safety Systems (Fire Protection and Fire Alarm) demonstration
  • Kitchen Fire Alarm & Suppression Demonstration
  • Electrical Distributions Systems Demonstration

Do you have some feedback on how we can continue to improve these sessions? Share your feedback with Douglas Corkery.


Remembrance Day Ceremony this Friday, November 11

This year’s Annual Remembrance Day ceremony at UBC will be held on Friday, November 11, 2016 in the War Memorial Gym.

Doors open at 10:00 a.m.

Ceremony begins at 10:45 a.m. Light refreshments to follow.

The event is open to all and is an opportunity for all to honour and remember all those who served in times of war, military conflict and peace.

The ceremony, which draws approximately 1,200 people, will include music provided by the UBC School of Music, short readings and remarks. To see the list of platform party guests and participating community organizations, and for all the relevant details, visit:

FYI schedule work around Classroom Maintenance Dates

In an effort to assist with planning and being proactive below are some constraining dates to get work done. To find winter & summer term, exam and reading break dates for the next six years, visit:

Last day of class: Dec 2, 2016 (Available Monday, Dec 5)

Exams Start: Dec 6, 2016 (Available Thursday, Dec 22)

Exams End: Dec 21, 2016 (Available Friday, Dec 23)

Join our Spelling Bee Team to raise funds for United Way

Deos this senteanse drive you bonquers? You should join the  United Way and UBC Library Spelling Bee on Wednesday, November 16.

This year, Infrastructure Development has put out a friendly challenge to Building Operations to participate with a team and compete for glory in this annual cross-campus event. Entry by donation and all proceeds go to support UBC’s annual United Way campaign.

If you’re interested in participating, please RSVP to Caroline Soriano by Thursday, November 10th.

Sauder School of Business graduate students create new app to help custodial

Thinking outside the box, we invited The Sauder School of Business graduate students to look at our Custodial department and identify the optimal staffing levels to deliver the right kind of service level for our spaces while considering schedules, shifts, deployment, and seasonal intensities like graduation.

The students presented their findings—and a new app—to a small group.

The app should help us to assign staff, gauge how many FTEs we will need for new buildings, and show us how to schedule work so we can cover all areas efficiently.

Once we get the app and final reports in our hands, we’ll test out the app, plug in some information, and see how it works. We look forward to sharing it with everyone soon.

Kids To Work Day 2016 was a success despite a rainy day

The Take Our Kids to Work program is a great way to show our Grade 9 students what we do at work and what it means to be a part of the UBC community. Last week, we welcomed 22 students whose parents work in Building Ops, SHHS, Bookstore, and Parking & Security.

The kids visited the Omniglobe in EOS, the Whale Exhibit at Beaty, UBC Studios (to test some virtual reality equipment), and the Earthquake Lab in EERF. A tour of the Totem Kitchen, the Wellness Centre and USB shops gave them a glimpse of their parents’ workplace. Despite the rain, they enjoyed a trip to the forest for the UBC Ropes Course and a walk at the Botanical Gardens.

One student said that she was “shocked by how big UBC” and that it was cool to see the “behind the scenes of UBC.”

Many, many thanks to:

  • Parents for bringing in their kids
  • Parent-chaperones for chaperoning
  • FMs for helping to coordinate activities
  • Carpenter Shop, Paint Shop and Sign Shop for the handcrafted personalized pencil holders
  • James Bellavance, Gord Dobie, Matt Holm, Chris Skipper and Tamas Weidner for leading the kids around campus
  • Caroline for all the preparation in ensuring this was a success.


Dentistry thanks custodial with a special breakfast

On Friday, the Dean of Dentistry invited the Custodial night shift staff to a breakfast to celebrate the amazing job they do keeping the David Strangway Building clean. Because of their hard work, this clinic area is in pristine condition and a great space for students to learn.


Do you have an eye for detail? Spot the Risks for November

Take a look at the photo for the November edition of “Spot the Risks.” During your shop talks, identify as many risks as you see in the photo below. For every risk/problem identified, your shop will receive 1 point. Submit answers via email to Alex Bradshaw by November 30th, when the responses will be tallied and points awarded. Remember, the shop with the most points at the end of the year wins a prize!

You can count on the Construction Office to keep us safe as they garnered a whopping 17 points on the October edition of Spot the Risks! Good job, Construction Office!


Quick Updates

NPS score decreased to 80%, with 5 new promoters

Save the date: Building Ops Holiday Lunch and Dinner on December 14…tickets coming soon.

1st United Way 50/50 Draw winner: Congratulations Noemi Remero, winner of $572.50 cash and a $100 gift card

Get your United Way 50/50 tickets from Guy (Asbestos Management)…$1 each ticket or $5 for 6 for the November 17 draw

Do you have a co-worker deserving recognition? Nominations are open for the 2016 Building Ops Staff Excellence Awards

Missed your (flu) shot last week? Get yours on campus Nov 1-10. For locations, visit