October 25, 2016

Top Stories

Millwrights tackle maintenance at ESB Air Handling Units

An extensive maintenance initiative has begun on five exhaust fan systems associated with the clean labs in ESB. Lab users have agreed to a 2-week shutdown (Oct 17-28) so the millwrights can perform their work. Currently the millwrights have fans apart, measurements and parts ordered, and they will be making minor changes to make them easier to maintain in the future. This work will also address the noise complaints being fielded by C&CP.

That, my friends, is a triple words score: tackling deferred maintenance, making future maintenance easier though modifications and dealing with a noise issue.  Nice job, team!

Get your free flu shot at USB this Wednesday and Thursday

The flu bug wants to get up close and personal. Who wants a hug from a bug? Boost your wellbeing and get your free flu shot—it’s your best protection against the flu.

Two clinics will be offered this week at the Wellness Centre in USB for Building Ops and SHHS staff. No appointment necessary. Wait times may vary.

Can’t make the clinics listed above? More clinics will be offered on campus November 1-10. For the full list of clinic locations, visit rms.ubc.ca/flu

Building Transition Team Helps Improve Aquatic Centre Before Occupancy

During a recent preoccupancy walk through the Building Transition Team, working with UBCPT and the contractor, identified that a Refrigerant Leak Detection/Monitoring System should be installed in the new Aquatic Center. That recommendation has now been approved and will be done during the construction phase rather than being included as post occupancy deficiencies.

This will save the university money by having the work done during the easier preoccupancy construction window and will ensure that operations are safe and compliant with BCSA requirements from day 1. Nice job, team!

Kudos to the mystery flat tire helpers

We often receive kudos for the work we do—because we are good at our jobs and we care—but here is an example of going above and beyond that deserves to be shared.

Thanks to the unknown evening shift heroes who helped students in need. Who were these heroes in our midst…?


“Tonight, around 8 pm, I was stranded by the UBC roundabout with a friend due to a flat tire. Unfortunately, neither of us knew how to change a tire, and were unsure how to deal with the predicament. Many cars drove by without so much as slowing down. Eventually, two men in a UBC Building Operations truck drove by, and asked if we required any assistance.

Over the next 20 minutes, they efficiently found requisite tools in my car (which I did not even know existed), and changed the tire. They then advised me as to what steps to take next, and left without asking for anything in return. 

I am hoping that you will be able to pass along my sincerest thanks, to convey how truly grateful I am for their assistance, and to commend the two individuals for this incredibly kind and altruistic act.”

~ Shannon

A hearty thanks to those two building ops staff that chose to stop and help. They created a student experience that is second to none and helped to reinforce our brand as key stewards of this campus and those who chose to study and do research here. So if it was you, please let us know because we would like to thank you in person.

Emergency Preparedness Project Update – New Water Filtration Station at Botanical Gardens

Even in the event of a major utility disruption, we need to access clean drinking water on campus. Energy & Water Services has developed a Water Filtration Station––on wheels––that could be used to filter in water from the creek at the Botanical Gardens.

While this project is still in development, Building Ops staff also have a role to play. On October 20 and 21, Utility Plumbers were invited to an in-class session and hands-on training on how to operate and maintain the new station.  Over the next month, the Municipal crew will practice distribution of water from the trailer using potable water totes, as shown in the picture.img_0198-2trailer

Bill Reid Canoe cleaned up and back in place

Thanks to all who took part in carefully taking down, cleaning up, and returning the Bill Reid Canoe to its place in Forestry.










Reminder: Check out the Jack O’Lanterns this Friday, November 28th, in the USB Atrium

Pumpkin Carving for the Kids is this Friday, October 28.  Come in your best Halloween costumes, if you dare.  Check out the pumpkins carved by our talented staff and see the Day Care kids in their Halloween costumes. Pick your favorite Jack O’Lanterns and enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie.  See you at 11:30am.

Take a good look one more time and Spot the Risks for October

We introduced a new safety game competition in last week’s newsletter, where a new photo will be released each month. Then, in your shop talks, identify as many risks as you see in that photo. For every risk/ problem identified, your shop will receive 1 point. Submit answers via email to Alex Bradshaw by the last day of the month. At the end of the month, the responses will be tallied and points awarded. The shop with the most points at the end of the year wins a prize!

For the photo below, identify as many risks as you can and send them in by October 31st to Alex Bradshaw.


Quick Updates

Reminder, Bell ringing will occur on October 27th from 7am to 8am for fire alarm verification

Get your United Way 50/50 tickets from Guy (Asbestos Management)…$1 each ticket or $5 for 6. First draw on November 3rd

Forgot to register to Kids to Work Day? It’s not too late. Contact Caroline before Thursday, October 27

Leaving UBC: Brent Hannah, Elroy Fernandes

NPS score increased to 82%, with 5 new promoters


Welcome to UBC – Winston Feliciano