September 10, 2015

Top Stories

First week of classes puts some HVAC systems to the test

Mechanical Maintenance and Operations shops have been extra busy today with numerous reports of HVAC issues across campus. Thanks to BMS and the Operating Engineers for the speedy response and tireless troubleshooting. Hopefully we can have all of these important spaces operating properly soon.

Municipal crews kept busy cleaning up after windstorm wreaks havoc on campus

storm clean up 1

A severe windstorm hit Metro Vancouver on August 29 causing mayhem on campus, downing trees and backing up drains. Our Municipal crews have been busy still cleaning up the mess. Soft Landscape focused efforts on cleaning up trees and branches.  Labor crews cleared the drains.

Students, staff & faculty returning for fall sessions. Be aware. Drive with care

With the campus back into full swing for the fall sessions, please remember the following:

  • go slow and anticipate distracted pedestrians and cyclists
  • reinstate the bollard when driving into a pedestrian area
  • be mindful of where you park your service vehicle, particularly in the public realm area
  • be aware – drive with care.

For continued success of the car sharing program, remember key principles


1. Park the vehicles into the designated parking spot in reverse, carefully.

2. Ensure that car 384 is not blocked in. This vehicle supports the AMS SafeWalk Program during evenings and weekends.

3. Perform vehicle inspections each time you sign out a vehicle and submit either at the drop box below the key system or to the Garage.

4. Plug the charging nozzle when you return the vehicle that is under a 50% charge.

5. Do not leave any personal items in the vehicle when returning the key.

6. Remove any garbage, tools or other items you bring into the vehicle.

7. Return the key to the key cabinet when you complete your trip. Ensure that keys are not sitting on desks making the unit unavailable to other potential users.

EAOS Update: Benchmarking Overview and Top Ideas

We have compiled a list of all the things we’ve learned from talking to groups like the University of Alberta and the City of Vancouver.  From that list, we are able to tie-in ideas to our EAOS goals; ideas we should try, ideas that are directly related to what we are trying to achieve with EAOS, ideas that are simply cool, and ones that are good but not for here at UBC.  The EAOS team will be putting all of this information into a summary to share with you very soon!

Also, remember to take a look at the Temp Asset Data Manager job we posted and feel free to approach anyone in the EAOS team if you have questions.  Email Andy Plumridge or Marian Lis with your application.

Crime Prevention Week starting on September 21

Campus Security staff will be stationed at the Parkades, in the Libraries and out on the Bookstore Common on to promote Auto Crime Prevention, Property Safety and Bike Security to kick off Crime Prevention Week on September 21.

With the return of thousands of students and faculty to a highly active campus, the environment becomes significantly more target-rich.  Keep Crime Prevention in mind as part of your daily awareness.  We all have a part to play in reducing the risk for all our university community members.  A well-informed community is the best form of crime prevention.

Join the exciting journey as UBC Celebrates 100 years on September 30

Dr. Martha Piper invites you to celebrate this milestone year in UBC’s history.  September 30 is the launching of UBC’s Centennial and the opening of the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.  Catch the live webcast, if you are unable to attend the event.

Make your own mark during this Centennial year, by submitting a pin to the Global Impact Map or by attending one of the many Centennial programs and initiatives taking place on campus.  Be a part of a historic photograph to be taken on September 30th, recreating the iconic ‘UBC’ photo taken at the end of the Great Trek in 1922.  For more details, visit

UBC Recreation Offers free drop-in fitness classes from September 14 – 20

Free Week September 2015

UBC Recreation Free Week is a chance for new and returning staff to try out any instruction-led classes in the SRC Studio, SRC Dojo, Ponderosa Studio and the Tennis Centre. You are welcome to drop-in to fitness, yoga, pilates, dance and martial arts classes and boot camps for free during the second week of classes of every semester. No experience is required, so try the classes out and register to your favorites!

Quick Updates

UBC United Way Employee Campaign starts October 13, 2015

Week 36’s NPS score dropped to 87%; 3 new promoters and 2 detractors.