September 13, 2016

Top Stories

Welcome Back BBQ This Wednesday

Staff are invited to attend the welcome back BBQ Wednesday from 11:30 a.m.—12:30 p.m at the Flagpole Plaza. Heads will be given the BOW for the extra 30 minutes. Please return to work on time.

The BBQ is a great opportunity to enjoy a free lunch, live entertainment, information booths, and the camaraderie of your fellow UBC staff colleagues. See you there!

Will you be our guest to the Harvest Feastival?

For the third year in a row Building Operations will have a presence at Harvest Feast. We’ve purchased tickets for one table (24 seats) and will be raffling seats for those interested.

The Harvest Feastival is an epic outdoor feast and is chance to enjoy the fresh produce from the UBC Farm and explore UBC’s incredible Arts and Culture District offerings. Read more here:

If you want to be the lucky guest of Building Ops, visit or email Caroline Soriano indicating you want to come along. Names will be drawn on Tuesday, September 20 at 3:25 pm. The event is from 4:30 p.m. onward on Sept 22nd so if you want to go but need to double check with your significant other, carpool, child care, dog care, etc., then just say so and we’ll hold your spot until Wednesday morning.

Cheers to all who made our Ice Cream Social extra sweet

Oops, we forgot to thank some great people­—like Dennis Magee—who helped make our Ice Cream Social happen. To everyone who helped along the way and to everyone who participated, thank you!

Parking and Backing Up Vehicles Safely

It’s back to school time and we all need to be mindful when driving and parking around campus. Keep eyes and mind on the task at hand.

Be aware of your surroundings. Do a visual check prior to backing out of a parking spot. If available, use a spotter when backing up. Or, park the vehicle by backing in spot first so that leaving afterwards will be easier and would not require backing out. Accidents happening from careless driving are totally preventable and damage is repaired out of our operating budget…wouldn’t you prefer we spend that money on staff and tools?

Old SUB will soon put up construction hoarding-parking notice

The old SUB Reno is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 26. All parts of the building are now closed except for the bike kitchen, kitchen (AMS) and woodworking shop in the basement.

In the short term, parking is available in two locations:  1. old SUB loading dock, 2. time limited loading area on the south side of the AMS Nest building.

Once construction begins, parking in this area will change. We’re working with the various stakeholders to gain two additional parking stalls to service this area—we will provide an update and map as soon as this is confirmed.

Contact FM James Bellavance with any questions.

Orchard Commons Vantage Faculty Move-In This Week

Reminder that during this transition of a new building from UBCPT and Building Operations we are to respond to issues, like blocked toilets, but major items under warranty should be referred via the service center back to UBCPT.

South Campus Warehouse Clean Up

The south campus warehouse continues to be a dumping ground for extra materials. Francois will be undertaking a bit of a clean-up and asks for your assistance ensuring that you store supplies in your designated spaces whenever possible. If you need to place extra material outside of your space please get in touch with him so that we can ensure both truck access for the opera scene shop and proper building egress is maintained.

Check out the new Financial Strategy Poster in the USB Foyer

Have you seen our new poster? It describes how we’re using our funding in Building Operations. We’re helping the university invest the right money at the right time to keep the campus running at the lowest total cost while minimizing risk and enabling excellence. It’s what we’re all contributing towards every day.


Quick Updates

Report any suspicious activity particularly around COPP, Wesbrook and Cunningham

Call 2-4444 when First Aid is not available

NPS score decreased to 77%, with 4 new promoters