September 17, 2015

Top stories

Electrical Team Restores Power to 80 Buildings

On September 13, at around 11:45 am, equipment failure within Earth Sciences buildings caused an electrical fault and tripped out 2 main campus feeders. The magnitude of the fault rippled through the electrical system which was detected by other devices within the main campus substation.

Our high voltage team lead by acting Head Corey Turnquist sprang into action. Approximately four hours later, power was restored to all affected buildings, except ESB, which was powered by generators.

By Monday, with more resources made available and after making required repairs, power  was restored to ESB.

Coffee & treats Wednesday in the USB atrium: come find out why we are awesome!

Want to find out who’s awesome (hint: it’s you)? Come to the USB Atrium at 9 am on Wednesday, September 23 to find out. Enjoy coffee and treats and hear about some awesome news!

Retroactive shift premiums & meal allowances coming September 30

The ratified 2015 Collective Agreement included changes to weekend, evening, and night shift premiums as well as meal allowances. Building Operations Payroll worked with Central Payroll and IT to implement these changes into our payroll system.

Monthly employees should begin to see the new premiums in their September 30th paycheque, which will include premiums for the period September 4-21. Hourly staff will see the new premiums in their September 23rd paycheque, which will include premiums for the period September 1st–15th.

Once we have confirmed the software changes are stable and employees are being payed the correct amounts we will begin to pay the correct retroactive amounts.

Asset Information Templates ready for validation

Watch for the asset information templates to be posted along with the EAOS posters in the USB Hallway. Our Asset Data Manager will use this template to validate information from Food, Nutrition, and Health Building.

Have a look at the template and tell us how we can make it better, simpler, and/or more valuable to you. Marian Lis will be validating these templates with each Head/Manager before we’re ready to launch the pilot, so please: review them, comment on them, and be ready for Marian to come see you!

Enter to win a free dinner and celebrate 100 years of UBC at the Centennial Harvest Feast

Building Operations purchased a table at the harvest feast and we invite you to join the UBC Communities in celebrating the centennial. If you want to be the lucky guest of Building Ops, email Caroline Soriano indicating you want to come along. Names will be drawn on Tuesday, September 22 at 3:25 pm.

Have your say on the Welcome Back Staff BBQ survey

To all those that attended the 13th Annual Welcome Back Staff BBQ, Human Resources and Ceremonies want to hear from you. Complete the survey and provide feedback to help make the event better every year.

Quick updates

  • Squirrel on the lose in USB. Don’t leave food on your desk
  • NPS score remains at 87% — 12 new promoters, 1 detractor.
  • Joining UBC: Neil Ram, Justin Rhodes, Ryan Gresham, Jason Smith
  • UBC United Way Employee Campaign starts October 13, 2015