September 7, 2016

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And they’re back

main mall day 1

Classes started this morning and once again thousands of students will be circulating our campus.  Reminder to always drive safely and anticipate.

  • Check before you back up anywhere on campus and when possible use a spotter
  • Watch for distracted students on their phones. Pokemon Go is a new layer of distraction
  • Plan to take a little longer to get where you are going
  • Restore all bollards to the upright position even if you are only going to be a few minutes

Vantage College now occupied

Vantage College is now occupied! Classes begin there on Wednesday and the office move from LMRS to Vantage is still scheduled for the 12th. Our priority now is to get access for Custodial.

IRC Elevator is back in service

The elevator project in IRC is complete! This elevator is one the dozens of UBC/AVED funded projects that will help improve our facility condition index and eliminate some of our maintenance headaches. This is the list we created to ensure the university spends the right money at the right time to keep our campus assets operating at their lowest total cost. And you can follow the progress of these minor capital projects on the poster on the wall across from the Tool Crib.

Thank you for everyone’s patience and understanding while this elevator was undergoing renewal.

Time Car Improvement Project evaluates vendor demonstrations next week

As we reported to you two weeks ago, the Time Card Improvement (TCI) Project is bringing an electronic Time & Attendance system into Building Operations. To better serve our operations, our current Time Card system, which is incredibly manual and cumbersome, needs to change.

Over the past months, we have spoken with many Heads and Managers about our current physical time card system; specifically around the challenges with which it presents all of us on a daily basis, such as confusing payroll codes, BOWs, lost cards, data entry errors, and so on.

Next week three vendors are coming in to provide a demonstration of their systems would work for us in some very specific situations.

Project Evaluation team is:

Jeff Bondy Mike Devolin
Mike Giannias Matt Holm
Lee McCormick Ray McNichol
Robin Shortt Rob Stone
Denise Tang Pamela Wasylyshen

If you are concerned your idea or issue hasn’t been heard, speak to Jeff Bondy or one of the evaluation team members. And thanks all in advance for your work on this!

Emergency Preparedness Project

As a staff member in Building Ops, being prepared for a major disaster means that you know how to take care of yourself personally and that we know how to work together to restore operations to campus.

The Emergency Preparedness Project  is a project that will help prepare us for major disasters, such as earthquakes. Currently, we’re working with Risk Management Services to understand the needs of our campus in the event of a major disaster. We’ll be engaging with various stakeholders like SHHS, Energy and Water, etc., to explore options for delivery of drinking water, distribution of fuel for emergency generators, and the use of our vehicles. At the end of this project, we’ll each know our role in an emergency, we’ll have practical plans on how to perform these roles and we will be scheduling exercises to ensure we practice our roles.

Training and communication will be key and you can expect that we will all be trained in one way or the other. Please contact Alla Eremenko to learn more and to share your ideas.

Quick Updates

Welcome to UBC: Michael Marshall, Sonia Bravo, Ger Coppinger, Nestor Aquino

Leaving UBC: Greig Samodien