Campus Security will be attending to First Aid calls

As of July 2, Campus Security is attending to all First Aid calls for faculty, staff, students, and visitors on the UBC Vancouver campus. Campus Security Patrols Officers are now Occupational First Aid Level 2 (OFA2) level certified and will respond and provide initial care and implement any critical interventions up to the scope of their training until paramedics arrive on scene. All life-threatening emergencies should continue to be directed to 911.

As part of becoming an integrated Safety & Risk Services team and elevating the profile for Campus Security, part of that journey includes taking on 24/7 First Aid responsibilities for students, faculty, staff and visitors within our campus boundaries. In January, Campus Security is hoping to begin the process of integrating with the student medical response team to improve the quality of services for a safe campus environment and engaged team members. More details to come later this year.

For First Aid, please contact 604-822-4444

In the event of a medical emergency, first call 911 and then call First Aid.