Technicians should only log into Planon PMFSapp with one device

If you are a technician using the Planon Mobile Field Services (PMFS), you need to choose whether you will use an iPad or an iPhone to log into Planon. The PMFS app does not sync across devices. For example, if you login to Planon on an iPad to complete a Preventative Maintenance checklist, and then grab your iPhone for a reactive job, the PMFS app will contain different information. You might have work orders on one device that don’t show up on the other. In other words, you can’t use an iPhone on one day, and an iPad on another. Please select and stick with one device.

For questions, or if this is a major hindrance to your work, please contact Deb Capps,  to talk through a solution that will allow you to use two devices, though not simultaneously.