March 12, 2015

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New building questions? Call the Transition Team

Our New Building Transition Team is part of our strategy to get Building Operations at the table with the contractors and identify equipment, safety, and training issues before we take ownership of new buildings. By being in the building before it opens we’ll also be better prepared for both our day-to-day work as well as possible concerns that the occupants may identify.

On the team representing Building Operations:

If have questions, concerns or any project inquiries about the new buildings coming on stream, please send them directly to the transition team who will represent us with the contractors and Properties Trust.

EAOS employee Fact Finding sessions a success

A total of 12 Fact Finding sessions were conducted with over 100 people attending. We had a lot of great feedback from crew members, heads, managers, and superintendents. Some of what we heard from the shops:

  • We can do better work with the right technology in our hands: laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • We can do better work if the knowledge we have about our buildings or systems and equipment is easier to access – better databases, more knowledge explicitly written down and shared.
  • We can do better work if there is better hand-over and communication from contractors to Building Operations. We need them to be clear on what they install and how we can maintain that equipment properly.
  • We want to see more of an effort being put into finding and retaining good people as well as rewarding and recognizing great work and behaviour when it happens.

If you were not able to attend a Fact Finding Session, we have an self-directed survey you can access online. Everyone is welcome to fill out the survey.

We’re not quite done Phase 1 yet. We’ll be conducting a Fact Finding session with some of our customers on the 24 March as well as collecting information on asset lists, process maps, and procedures. Over the next four weeks the project team will start compiling all the information and recruiting your help to interpret and prioritize the major gaps, which will be shared through AS-IS storyboards we build together in the main hallway of USB.

Stores receiving now open from 8 am to 3 pm

Stores is extending the receiving period from 8 am to 3 pm. This will have no operational impact to the department. For the time being, receiving will remain closed for lunch from 11:30 am – noon.

Transit vote Lunch & Learn coming at noon, March 23

With one million new people moving to the Metro Vancouver area in the next 30 years, how can we prepare our local transportation system to handle growing demand and help keep our region moving?  The upcoming plebiscite (also referred to as the Transit Referendum) will give local residents a chance to vote on a proposed funding source – a new 0.5% sales tax dedicated to new regional transportation investments to decrease congestion and provide people with improved transportation choices.

Guest speaker Michael White, Associate Vice-President of Campus and Community Planning, will give a presentation about the investments in the Mayors’ Council Transportation and Transit Plan and the proposed way to pay for the investments.  Attendees will learn about the key transportation issues in our region and how they can vote in the referendum.

Take a stand.  Get informed.  Make a choice.  Plan to vote.

RSVP online to confirm a seat at this free event at CIRS’ BC Hydro Theatre. If the timing doesn’t coincide with your lunch, make arrangements with your manager to attend.

University Commons public realm project: plan your work accordingly

Work on a large public real project will begin on East Mall from Agricultural Road to University Blvd this week. Work will continue through to mid-September.

In order to help reduce the congestion in the area, UBC service vehicles are requested to avoid the area. Please consult the Road Closures Map and plan your work and routes accordingly.

Quick updates

  • Welcome Thomas Davis, Sheet Metal Worker starting March 16th
  • Farewell Dharambir Singh
  • Stores Road is now open
  • Congratulations to Custodial Services for ZERO time loss over last 4 months
  • NPS increased to 84% with 31 responses: 6 promoters, 1 passive
  • Volkoff­ Lane closed March 2 to April 30th